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Date: October 5th 1916

Bramshott Camp
October 5th

Dear Lettie

I received your letter a few days ago and was glad to hear from you. I have just got back from Longmoor. It is about 10 miles from here. We have been there ten days shooting at the ranges everyday and we were living in tents. There was half the battalion B. and D. Company and it has been raining everyday and I'm feeling fine. I can go to bed and sleep in wet blankets but it don't seem to bother me at all.

I've done pretty well at shooting. I have passed for a sniper. We had to make 125 points and I made 128. There were only five passed for sniper in the half of the battalion. I did not get to see George Desson when I was in Aberdeen. I wrote to Paisley for his address and it just got there a few hours after I had gone so when I got back Auntie Jesse sent it here so I wrote him and he answered it a few days ago and sent me his and auntie's photos so I will send you his letter.

There is a draft going away from here for France on Tuesday 350 men. They are picking the men out but I do not know whether I will be picked out or not but will let you know before I close this letter.

Well this is Friday night and I'm going to France on Tuesday if everything turns out all right. We had a medical exam today and I'm getting a lot of new clothes and I think we are going to wear the Gordon kilt so they say. I will write you again about Monday and I may send you a Postal Order to you with what little money I have for I may not need it for very long. I know you seem to think I'm a terrible man by the way you write in your letter but if you knew what some men are you might change your mind for I have acted right since I have left you and I am not ashamed of anything I have done since I left Canada so I do not need any ring in my nose either. I did not write to you telling you how you should act for I have not got a jealous mind. Well I will close for this time and hope you and George are well. From your loving husband


This is Saturday. I was examined by the dentist for my teeth today. He wanted me to wait to get two plates in and go with the next lot but I told him they were all right so he let me go. We're getting the Gordon Kilt all right and going to fill up the 15th battalion.