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Date: June 18th 1916

In the field
Sun aft. June 18th 1916

My dearest Mother

Received today your welcome letter and parcel also Minnie's letter and first let me say that if you would like your letters to reach me direct please address them as I have repeatedly shown. These military addresses are so alike that a word missed out or wrongly placed makes a lot of difference and it either delays it or looses it. Now why do you continue to mention 60th Battn, I never do because I'm nothing to do with them. True I mentioned it the first time, but that was really in mistake. Fact is your letters are going to the 60th post office, held there a day and then sent to our own. Here is the correct way again: Gnr JPS 458189, D Section, 9th Canadian Brigade, Machine Gun Company, B.E.F. France. I've given you a little warm time Eh! Well now I'll proceed as usual. Alf a mo! While I have another of those toffees - they're all right.

Thanks very much for the parcel; its contents are lovely compared with bread and Pinks marmalade. Please convey my utmost thanks to Mrs. Bishop for the cake and rolls.

Yes, it certainly was wet Whit Monday and Sunday wasn't it. It just flopped down in this portion of the Globe and the consequent mud up the line was the cause of many flops by us. Fine sensation that, believe me!

Glad to hear the poem realized so much on behalf of the "boys". Bye the way did they send those "End of May" parcels, because I haven't had even a letter for a long time. Perhaps the address they've got is still "mixed?"

I have just returned from the service next door and have a few more minutes before I return to the barn. It was an exceedingly nice service and my pal and I enjoyed it very much and feel a lot better. You at home can't conceive what a blessing these services are to us. It's seldom possible to get to one therefore the being there the greater is the blessing.

Ever your loving boy.