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Date: July 5th 1916

In a dugout
Wed. July 5th 1916

My dearest Stan (Slivers)

As I have the inclination to write letters (special form of indigestion known as "writitis"). I thought I'd send you one. I have been going to do so several times before but my difficulty has always been the want of a fit and interesting subject is not to be found among my present circumstances and surroundings but, this afternoon, a friend and myself were sitting talking (as often we do) of Canada and it occurred to me that I have never described to you anything concerning the Maple Syrup industry, of that vast and lovely land.

Having therefore found a subject and suffering from "writitis" I will tell you what I know of the maple tree and its use, hoping you will be interested and that sometime the knowledge of this will be of use to you at school, or elsewhere.

The King of the Canadian forests is of course the maple and it was discovered that the sap of this tree was exceedingly sweet when boiled. So little by little the industry of obtaining the sap and preparing it for the market grew, until now it is practically one of the staple Industries of the Dominion.

A settler taking up his land finds a large portion of it covered with forest, most of which is maple trees. He will then probably decide that the Syrup business will be more profitable to him than felling the trees and farming the land.

Having obtained a quantity of pails he next pierces the bark of the trees, fixes a funnel in the hole, and with pail underneath he waits for the pail to fill with the thin sweet liquid as it runs out of the hole and down the funnel.

[Remainder of letter missing]