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Date: August 17th 1916

In a dugout
Thurs. Aug 17th 1916
My dearest Mother

I received Father's letter yesterday just as the outgoing mail was being collected so I was unable to acknowledge it then, as I should like to have done. Anyhow it will make a base upon which to write today's letter to you, so perhaps it's a good thing after all that I didn't acknowledge it yesterday.

Well, long ere this reaches you I hope to be in camp again so although for a good many reasons I'd sooner stay here I know you will be glad to hear I'm not staying.

The blooming parcel ain't come yet but I guess they are keeping it at camp for me.

I'm so sorry you were so bad during Percy's visit. It must have been a great disappointment to you.

Glad to hear that August is proving for Father such an unprecedented one in the nature of business and I hope, as the months roll on to Xmas, business will increase proportionately. I dare say the good war news is having a great effect upon it. Eh!

My! What a lovely dinner you had last Sunday. My. I did enjoy reading the menu.

Will you please send me Percy's address at Canterbury? I have been unable to write to him because of his movements lately.

We've got one of those very heavy summer showers on now and it's getting quite cool.

Well I must close now so with best love,

I remain
Ever you loving boy.


Have you not received postcards (pictures) and a brooch? If you have please acknowledge.