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Date: August 26th 1916

In a barn
Sat. Aug 26th 1916

My dearest Pa

I've just received your useful parcel as you can see by the paper and yesterday received your usual weekly letter which I more than enjoyed reading.

Thanks very much for the Gold Flakes. I'm enjoying them very much they make a nice change to our issues, although they are very good, in fact I have such a supply now that I am at a loss to know how and where to carry it when on the march.

I can't write letters this week at all they bore me horribly but I must answer this parcel etc. Thanks Allen for interesting letter. Will write to Aunt Edith and Minnie in a day or two and if I feel like it.

Yes I started smoking on my last trip to the trenches from the only reason of trying to ease the toothache and so I found it passed the time pleasantly and continued.

Ina was the main topic of your letter and I'm very sorry for her but it doesn't need much comment from me. Now I must go and burn all my answered letters and lighten the pack by a few more ounces.

Regarding Mother's parcels if it comes to homegrown apples coming over well let 'em come. I'll get them and eat them all right. You bet!!

I guess I must stop now so with ever so much love to all.
I remain
Ever your loving boy,

Will you please advise me whether you received that brooch and some (5) picture post cards and whether sometime previous you received three similar cards? Please say. Did I acknowledge Mother's last parcel? The lemonade and cake were fine. The milk I unfortunately upset in my pack and you can imagine the mess. Whew!