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Date: August 28th 1916

Mon. Aug 28th 1916
My dearest Mother

Yesterday I was too busy and then too tired to - to - sleep, let alone write letters thence the delay of this letter. A march is a very strenuous business especially in the heat. We are in a barn in a very pretty part away from the noise of the heaviest guns. We've been here before but now that the wheat is out and sheaved it all looks even far prettier than before.

Please send parcel as of old. I can't resign myself to their absence. Whether they arrive on moving days or not I'll manage them. They always were something to look forward to each week and the thought of them not coming doesn't agree with me.

Thanks for "Punch" and the "Zinver" which arrived last night and at an opportune time just when I wanted something to read to take my mind off aching limbs.

Well, Ma dear I'm going to have some tea now and then I'm going down town to the village near bye for a walk so I think I'll ring off.

Our time here is very well occupied with heavy training so don't expect to be able to write much. Just you, you see and others must wait never mind who they are.

I'd like to sit and talk to you a bit more now but I've got nothing to talk about. As you know we can't say much and I've got and put some tents up so bye-bye.

Ever your very loving boy.