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Date: August 30th 1916

In the YMCA in France
Wed. Aug 30th 1916

My dearest Mother

I was expecting a letter or something from you today but as it hasn't come, well I must send a line.

I complied with Pa's wish by writing to Aunt Edith last night and I think I made a fair job of it too.

I received the parcel from the War Commission last night too and it being such a good one. I have of course replied suitably, possible you'll see it.

I got a letter from Minnie today and one from ray yesterday. Ray is lively and seems quite O.K. Min is certainly enjoying herself, which is more than Perc is from the tone of his letter received today. Poor beggar I wish he would cheer up a bit. I hope he got his expected leave of 4 days for I know you'd be enjoying life now because of having him home.

We are having it frightfully wet and consequently cool and I'm wondering how I'm going to get to our barn over a mile away from this YM by tea time and without getting wet. I guess it will be the same as other times (i.e.) carry on as if it was quite dry.

In your next parcel will you kindly include a box of Beechams (worth two guineas out here)? Changes of air often have strange effects! Enough said.

Stopped raining so bye-bye.

Ever your loving boy,