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Date: November 30th 1916

In a YM hut.
Thurs. Nov 30th 1916

My dearest Mother

Once again I address you from the YM and I have dropped back into the old life generally as if I had never been away from it to sleep in a bed or eat from a plate, but the memory of the lovely time I had last week still lives with me and will do so for months, I think.

We had a good boat journey between the same places as going over but when we reached the French side it poured with rain, especially when we walked through the town to a rest camp on the top of a steep hill. We were then put in tents (wet) and made ourselves comfortable or otherwise (chiefly otherwise) with one blanket apiece for the night. There were several canteens there, which we spent the evening in drinking tea. Next morning we started on our train journey and that was some journey, believe me for instead of it taking a respectable 4 or 5 hours it took a good 24. We slept a bit, smoked a lot, talked a bit, eat a bit, got out and walked a bit (then came back to meet the train) and read a bit.

I eventually reached our "home" at 3 o'clock yesterday (Wed) and after tea I came to this Hut to hear a band concert, which proved to be a very fine one. Of course I received your letter enclosed with the socks and the rest of the parcel was I understand very much enjoyed by the gun team I had it sent to by arrangement before I left and I was to thank you from them very much for it.

I had a great reception from my pals when I reached here, all seemed delighted to see me again. I had sold all the badges before I even got my coat off.

I may be going up the line in a day or two and I may not, doesn't worry me either way. I felt a trifle homesick while walking from the train to here yesterday but otherwise I've surprised at not feeling the parting as I thought I would, in fact I feel very happy.

Now I must close hoping you are keeping O.K. and cheerful.
Ever your loving boy


Two broaches will reach you in good time. One for you and one for Ena. Please send Beechams in next parcel.