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Date: January 1st 1917

In a dugout.
New Years Day 1917

My dearest Mother

I received your welcome letter-enclosing document last night just before leaving camp for here and say how very pleased I was to get it.

You needn't be alarmed over that word "infantry" on that paper I didn't specify further until I found out more, but it's quite all right (leave it to me). I'm writing to Percy all about it and you'll hear from him (can't say mere here now).

Of course I'll drop a line to Mr. Cox and Mr. Push man in acknowledgement

I'm sorry Mrs. Ward is so "down" but don't go and see her if it depresses you. Perhaps its better for her that way than otherwise, for as you say they always were solemn.

Aunt Annie's parcel arrived tonight-socks, cakes, fancies and twas ala. Bye the bye did you get Minnie's brooch and a letter to be opened at the Xmas dinner table from me (brooch and letter in one envelope). Let's know please by return.

Now I must stop and go to sleep. Enclosed is my Xmas doings (open to all). While we were out at camp we had a section flare up-turkey etc and I did quite a bit of "coke breaking" and we all had a good time.

Ever your loving boy


Good indelible pencil wanted.