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Date: January 30th 1917

In Camp
Wed. Jan 31st 1917

My dearest Mother

Received parcel today and find it a lovely one. Oh! That little bread pudding took my fancy so much so that I kissed it before I ate it because I thought of the hands that made it. The pastry and cake were also lovely and the pads just came in time before I had run out of that essential (to me) commodity.

Oh! My! This is the coldest billet I've ever been in (that's going some) but it really is a shame to put us here but there you are!!! I shall be glad to get up the line again.

Now about Stanley! Of all the ridiculous mad-brained ideas the latest is I think the very limit and makes me downright wrathy-after all my experiences on the G.W.R. You actually think of Stan going there to ruin his chances for that's what it does do. I hate to think I was anything so small as a mere Railway clerk.

I must close now so with very best love.
I remain
Your very loving boy


I don't think there will be time to get my Commission through before this job ends. Anyhow I'll get as far as time allows with it. That's hopeful Eh!

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