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Date: November 5th 1918
Bill (Brother)

November 5th, 1918

Dear Brother,

Just a few lines to let you know that your parcle reach here all right and was very glad to receive it. Well, Bro we have summer weather here yet but I hear there was very cold weather in Canada and lots of snow. Well, it is raining here tonight but there isn't no snow here.

Well, Bro, I often think of home, you know the person that made the song Home Sweet Home is right.

Well, Bro I cut my foot last week and it is lonesome sitting around, I don't know what to do.

I suppose Richard is with you yet. Well, Bro it will be Some day when we get together again. Well, my Brother-in-law is well. He went to see his Mother in England. I guess he had a good time when he was home. Well they want him to go and stay with them. They only get two (21/2) dollars a week that is Some wages, isn't it? Well, Bro I wouldn't stay on this side of the water. Nothing on this side of the water is good enough for me.

Well, Bro I hope this war will soon be over so I can get home again.

Well, I hear from Sister Leah nearly every week so I always have a letter to answer. Brother Richard didn't think much about the Vale, did he?

Well, Bro, I think I will have to ring off for this time. So, bye bye. Rite soon. Give my best regards to Brother Richard so bye all from Pte. R Tilburt

reg. 2304224