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Date: March 23rd 1916
Trotter Family

"On board S.S. 'Baltic'
Thursday, March 23, 1916

Dear Folks,

We came on board about 8.30 this morning. Two western battalions and two hundred nurses are with us. We shall not have much opportunity to become intimate with the latter, as they, of course, rank as officers and travel first-class. Our own position is somewhat anomolous. Most of us are occupying first-class cabins, as there are not enough second-class to go round among the sergeants & ourselves. Skilling & I share one room with Sergeant Anderson master-tailor with the 56th batt. from Calgary - a friendly and loquacious Scotchman. We dine with the sergeants, too, in one half of the first-class saloon - the other half is reserved for the officers who dine at more stylish hours. We dine at 7.30, 12.00 and 6.00; they dine at 8.30. 1.00, & 7.00. The second-class saloon is used for the men. We have practically the run of the ship except the 1st class lounge and smoking-rooms. T-day a blizzard has been blowing steadily, and we have been glad enough to be in port. Nobody knows how long it will be before we sail. It may be a day, it may be ten. Meanwhile it is uncertain what mail will get out. If you don't hear of our reaching England for a month you mustn't worry. This may not be forwarded until we have left.

Love to all, Bernard