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Date: June 10th 1942

338 Coast Bty Folkstone Kent

June 10th 1942


Dear Mom:-

Its just after supper, and I’m laying out in the backyard in the sun, so I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone, and write you a letter too, yesterday I wrote three letters, one to Irene, one to Maragaret and one to Dad, and would you believe it half an hour after I’d posted the letters I received two letter and one of them was from Dad and the other from Rene. I hope you’ll tell dad not to be disappointed if he doesn’t get an answer for a while. Irene sure sounded happy in her letter. Ill have to write her again right away, I guess. I sure had a funny experience to-day we went down town to get a hair cut, well we found a shop and Sgt. Arthur and I went in and sat down, there was only one barber (busy) but two chairs, so we figured that his assistant was out, I started to read a magazine when in walks a pretty nice looker, “next?” she says, we looked at each other but neither of us moved to be frank with you I thought we had (over) blundered into a beauty parlour. “Next?” she shouted this time, you go! says I “no! you go! says Clay” All the time we were both getting redder and redder. This kept up for a couple of minutes when Clay (the dirty so and so) gave me a push, and I went stumbling out towards the chair, it felt like going to the electric chair, talk about imbarassed, she didn’t curl my hair though so I’m still able to hold my head up but believe me I was scared for a few minutes.

I guess I’ve told you what a swell place this is in my last letter, so I won’t rub it in, I’d like to tell you something that goes on every Sunday here, theres an A.A. gun right on the edge of the park and would you believe it Sunday last there were about twenty old ladies sitting in the park benches nearest the gun, and they were all talking in a very disappointed manner because no Jerries had been over yet to-day so they could see the fun, this goes on every Sunday, some people eh?

This being the last month of our course (over) were more or less taking it easy. We do about three hours actual work a day the rest of the time we spend exploring, of course exploring is a be restricted here on account of mines etc. I never saw so many of the Dam things. We also take in a few pictures and plays, every new play that comes here we take in (there put on by the N.A.F.F.I) and only cost a shilling (quarter). I wish I could get permission to go to Portsmouth, Burnemouth, Plymouth etc. and see some of those people but if I can’t I hope no one will be made at me.

 I expect by this time the kids are worrying about exams and cramming like Hell and Vernon is probably having his worries too. I sure hope they have a bit of success, its bad enough having one dope in the family meaning me of course however this has been a swell education even if the army had to provide the means for it. If it doesn’t make one a better soldier it own’t be my fault. Well Mom this is the allotted three sheet so I’ll be saying so long for now


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