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Date: March 25th 1944
Evelyn and Agnes
William Hollett

1st Troop “A” Squadron

#24 C.A.L. (B) T.C.

Brampton Ont.

March 25th 1944


Dear Evelyn and Agnes:-

This is the toughest letter I’ve had to write in an awful long time, there are more disappointed guys in our Squadron to-day than enough, but I guess Hennie and I top the list, just to think of it! and our faces drop a foot. I sure hope it doesn’t cramp your week end too much I even pictured myself up there at the Mike and walking off with a prize. I guess the folks will be disappointed too; they even mentioned in our last letters that they would be looking forward to hearing our voices, oh well, what the heck! We all have to have our throats swabbed to-night at eight and again to-morrow at nine, none of us are sick not a single one but that Dam cook not wishing him any harm but I hope he develops warts on his ears, and corns on his feet, dandruff in his eyebrows and athletes foot, the no good rot.

I started to write this letter at five after one, just after talking to you Agnes, and its now twenty minutes to seven! In between the last chapter and this one, we’ve had a map trek, a map trek is a route march by map; Two men leave the camp at a time and march to points indicated by numbers on the map, they have to write down what they see at each point, well this as you can well believe made us very tired and so Im laying in bed writing this. We are waiting for the M.O. to swab our throats before we are allowed out of the barracks, and then we can only go over to our own lecture but, where they have set up a special canteen for us. They’re treating us like kings! And if it wasn’t for the [?] disappointment we could be quite happy.

Heck here we are crabbing about our own bad luck while you two must be really the ones to be disappointed, I hear Evelyn you even bought a new dress and got a new hair do, that’s tough believe me. I sure hope the two of you have a good time tho, I’ll be listening.

Its on now and the [?] has just been called and now the sgt from the C.A.C. corps (Sgt. Cordy) has just answered the question correctly the lucky guy! It might have been either Hennie or I or Agnes or you Evelynn. Oh, well! Who knows we might get another crack at it. That’s a lot of cash Three hundred bucko, just think what we could have done with it.

Well here’s the M.O. with his swabs so I guess I’ll have to close this letter now, I may not be able to phone you for a few days as we cant associate with the rest of the camp and they have the use of the phones etc

So long Girls


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