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Date: July 8th 1944
William Hollett

Sydney Mines

July 8th 44

Hello Beautiful :-

Thought I’d drop you a couple of lines to sorta let you know why you haven’t heard from me lately; the reason is right before your eyes:- namely; “Sydney Mines” in the upper right hand corner of this letter. I’m just finishing up my [?] leave, two hours to go in fact and nothing better to do I figured on this. Ill C

It’s been swell! Only five days but I’ve made the best of them went over to Sydney and had a look at Ada’s new baby; he’s a swell little tyke, all pink and white with blond hair. Ada’s pretty good too but from what I hear I guess she had a hard time of it for a while.

Rene’s little girl is sure a nice one, lungs like a bull but she sleeps a lot so were spared a lot of confusion etc. Louie is King around here believe me. He is a real live boy all activity and voice; lots like a [?] too. George is quite compared with him and also has a [?] appetite as compared with him. Mary and Tom are at their wits end trying to get him to eat like Louie.

So much for the kids Dad and Mom are going up to St. Peters for a few days combined business and pleasure. I [?] going over to Sydney for a visit and to sorta look after Ada Who’ll be comming out of the hospital about the middle of next week. Vernas brought a tent which I put up in the back yard Friday. Tom and I played crib in it just after I had finished and he best me four games out of seven. We had chicken for supper to-night and for dessert strawberry short cake etc. The (over) strawberries came from Mary’s own garden and were the best ever.

Hennie and his wife were over for supper Friday evening and we all had a swell time lots to eat etc. and lots of fun, you know Hennie I’m going through St. Jhon St. John and will be with Hennie and his wife till then from there Hennie and I will be travelling alone. We wont be going through Toronto much to our sorrow, it would be nice to see you and Agnes again. Maybe on the return trip [?] we might manage, I’ll let you know.

Well its nearly train time so you’ll have to be content for now hope theres a couple of letters waitin for me from Toronto when I get back.

Cheerio and all the best


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Original Scans

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