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Date: April 12th 1944

April 12, 1944, Mont Joli, P. Q.

Dear Mom,

I received the parcels o. k., and thanks a million for them. I enjoyed the peppermints, and the licorice is something special. I've been sharing the cream cookies and graham waffers with the fellows. They are also enjoying Marie's home- baked rolls and cookies. Thanks for sending me the book "The Country Beyond."

Yesterday I was told that I was shifted from Maintenance to Flights, which means that I will only be getting 48's and not 96's. That change means that my plans will have to be altered. I don't know if I'll be getting home soon, or if I can get to St. Thomas for Joyce's birthday. My plans are all muddled, but maybe things will straighten themselves out later on.

Thanks for getting the Drawing equipment. I'll be waiting for it.

Thanks for the very nice Easter card, and thank Marie for the socks. I have plenty now, but most of them are patched.

Love, Lewis.