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Date: September 6th 1944

Mont Joli, P. Q.

September 6, 1944

Dear Mom,

Right now, I, and six other fellas are enjoying the contents of the package that you sent to me. The cake was terrific. One fellow especially liked the caraway seed cookies, saying he hadn't tasted them for a long time. The bottle of cranberries will wait till tomorrow. I also had a few tomatoes left over from the box that Mrs. Verrell packed for me, so it's been quite a party.

Right now, I'm on a 48 hour pass. When I returned from my visit to Joyce's, I learned I was on another Pool, so I got a 48 right away. That was very fortunate, eh? Saw an odd show (movie) tonight- "Once Upon a Time", with Cary Grant. Odd but well played.

Love, Lewis.