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Date: May 8th 1945

V. E. Day, Somewhere in Germany.

May 8, 1945

Dear Mom,

To you, my best girl friend goes my first letter on this very sunny V. E. Day from here in Germany.

You wouldn't want a better day, in this part of the world, to call V. E. Day. The sun's rays are just pouring down, and since we are under canvas, it's just like camping on holidays.

At nine this morning we had a parade and the C. O. made the formal announcement that peace had finally come to this continent.

But all is not happiness, for I saw some wounded men being transferred from their ambulances to the Dakotas (transport planes) on their way back to England. For those men V. E. means little- especially the one lad I saw with both arms missing.

You remember after the last war there was cheering, etc. since the war was over. Well, I hope it won't be so loud this time, for I figure that there is just as hard a job to be done now that our weapons are laid down. This evening we intend to have a feast in celebration of the day, and there will also be a big bonfire.

At least I got into Germany before it was all over, though I hardly thought that I'd be celebrating V. E. on enemy territory. That is much more than most R.C.A.F. Airmen can say.

Lets hope that it won't be long before we can give thanksgiving for peace in the Far East. Then we can really celebrate. So long for now.

Love to the Billards, and friends, Lewis.