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Date: November 11th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

November 11, 1945

Dear Mom,

I suppose you are an getting ready for a long winter. Here the weather has been fairly good lately, with a bit of sun and not too much rain. In 1944, after we had just arrived in England, the weather was very rainy. It's getting somewhat colder here, but I'm sure that it's even colder in Canada. The people here say that we should be able to stand the cold weather here, because we come from Canada, but I keep telling them that it's a different kind of coldness here-with more moisture in the air. But they don't believe me, because they say the same things to the next Canadian they meet.

Being on the Station all week allowed me to catch up on my letter
writing Marie's parcel arrived here after only two weeks in transit, which I consider quite fast.

So long for a little while. Love, Lewis.