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Mother and Father

Howdy Folks,

Just got back from one of the best weekends in the mountains I ever had. We (five of us) went to Field, B.C. about one a.m. Saturday after finishing work on the night shift. We saw Emerald Lake, the Natural bridge, Lake Louise, Takakkaw Falls, a 1500 foot falls, most of Yaho valley, the Great Divide, etc., etc. Gosh those mountains are great. We got a third way up one but could get no farther. We walked around Emerald Lake (about 3 1/2 miles). It is one of the lakes in the clouds. Saw moose, elk, bear, etc., but no sheep.

We stayed at Banff in a cabin on Saturday night and Sunday. We bought groceries and I cooked us up some pretty fair meals. It saved us plenty of dough too. The weekend cost about twenty for five of us. We were swimming in the sulphur pool on Sunday. I am still shipping plenty of sulphur water. We climbed Mt. Norquay to the top of the ski jump. Boy is it ever up in the clouds. You can see all of Banff from it. The other day we went riding. We rode for ten miles and was I ever stiff as I haven't been used to sitting in a big saddle. However the mountain climbing loosened me up. We are back on days again thus the big weekend and it didn't hurt our passes for the month.

I see Elmer has been shooting the old line. Too bad he wasn't a bit original as all the big shots say just that about the camps and troops, etc.

I suppose the threshing is finished by now. They are having a tough time out here as they are running into a lot of rain. We are doing very little now but will be going strong if they ever get motors to replace the one's Davy Jones got.

Well that's the best I can do now so I'll call it off for now and hit the bunk.

Love JB