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Date: November 1941
Mother and Father

Nov. 1941
Dear Folks:

How goes everything in Drew. I suppose it is a bit snowy there by now. There is plenty of snow all around here but we have none. There is a chinook blowing today and all the ice will be a puddle of water now I guess.

Christmas is on the way again and it won't be long now. We get five days for Christmas or New Years. I hope I get mine at New Years. We are going to have plenty of work to do in a couple of days as all of No. 3 SFTS' ships are going to be overhauled as fast as they can replace them with Cessnas.

What are you going to do about Christmas presents this year. Have you anything in mind for Wilie & Bernice. We could get together on it and do better maybe. I don't have much opportunity to look around as stores are closed before we get down town. You could let me know any suggestions you have anyhow.

I can't seem to write letters anymore there is so little to say. I was supposed to go and see Mrs. Gibson again before she left but never did it. I was supposed to go to Edmonton on the last Ferry flight but I had other arrangements made for that time so I got Cooper to go in my place. He got back last night and said they had a swell time up there. It was cloudy the day they went and they flew about two hundred feet all the way. That makes flying interesting when you get down where you can see how fast you are going. They made the two hundred miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not bad for an Anson.

I suppose Bet & Ed are getting close to some Xmas exams. That is something I won't worry about for a long time I guess until I get remustered. A couple of our guys go to Edmonton I.T.S. tomorrow. So it is getting closer to me I hope.

I am going to work on a Norseman tomorrow. It has same engine as the Harvard so it will be a bit of a change from these blasted Ansons. We will soon get a few Cessnas in too.

I suppose Razz is in England now and all the gang from here are likely there too. Is Bun [brother-in-law] still in Sussex or was he also on the boat.

Awhile ago they said that a bunch of Cpls were to go but we haven't heard anything about it since. Seventy men from here went back to St. Thomas for some course last week.

Well I guess that is all for now. I'll be seein' you.