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Dear Ma:

It's about time I answered your letter but as it happens I was transferred to Penfold for a couple of weeks. Twelve of us came up here to show a bunch of Englishmen a bit about there own ships and to give them some tools to work with. They are as lazy as the deuce. We aren't supposed to do anything but you have to hound ‘em all the time to get anything done. They are taking a bit of interest in them now since they started to fly today. They had fourteen Oxfords and twelve more came today. They came in formation and sure looked swell. I had a ride to Calgary and back in one on Saturday to get more parts and tools. We had such a load that we could hardly get into the air and the landing was the worst I've seen one experienced; we bounced three times and almost did a back somersault the second time. These Oxfords are noted for poor landings so we expect a few crack ups any time now. We sure have fun with these blokes though. They talk so darn funny, but they are good eggs and full of the devilment. They take their N.C.O.'s seriously. When W.O. I. Henson came up today and we started kidding him they thought it terrible the way we carried on.

I suppose Razz is close to "over ‘ome" by now. I wish I was with him. The rumour of an overseas draft went around #10 but died out again.

Half our gang back to Calgary today leaving six of us here. All we have to do is lend our tools to the guys here. It sure is a job tracking them down sometimes but they are returned finally.

I had an Irishman and a cockney working for me for awhile and talk about fun. We were laughing all the time. Now we don't do anything as they only doing daily inspections on the ships. I have no idea how long we are going to be here but you may address my mail to Calgary. So I will be sure to get even if it is late.

I must write to Razz as I am supposed to every week whether I get any or not. Would you send me Less's [Donaldson, a neighbour] address so I could drop him a line. Sometimes I imagine it is a bit lonesome down with those frenchmen, worse by far than these cow town westerners. The longer I am here the worse it gets. I met two girls (sisters) at a dance in Red Deer Saturday and they moved here from Toronto six years ago and they sure are longing to go back.

Well it's the end of the page so I'll call it off.

Love JB