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Date: November 1942


Nov 1942

Hello Everybody:

How is everything in Drew. I suppose you are in the middle of some nice snow storms about now. It is fairly warm here but has sure been plenty wet as per usual. I haven't written for some time but there isn't anything to say that I can tell you anyway. Nothing happens anyway around here so it seems. Jerry did a bit of bombing about five miles from here a few days ago; we could here it all but saw nothing. I haven't seen any enemy kite yet. I guess we don't when we are luck but if I don't soon on O.T.U. I'll have to start over at I.T.S. and go through the course all over again. It seems I just miss every bloody draft that goes.

Ken Cooper is here now, also Bruce Bell of all people. He is in an Air Bomber. I expect to see a few more of the boys from Calgary anytime now too. We'll soon have all our gang together over here. Practically all the A.E.M.'s from our hangar in Calgary are trying to remuster now since Coop and I made it.

I have had about three letters from Olwen all in reverse order of mailing. Bill was down here one day but went on to Wales on leave. E. Butler was in one day on 48 or something and happened to think I might be around so he looked me up. I haven't heard from Razz for about a month so he may be gone back.

There isn't much doing around here but we get along. A lot of our time is spent trying to get our belly full. I have succeeded a couple of times. I have my eyes on a roast chicken I may be able to get a hold of for Christmas. I brought jam and some canned meat with me and we buy a bunch of buns and etc. and have quite a lunch here at night. I sure could go for a couple of fried eggs though, but the meals are pretty good taken all around.

I have to go on parade pretty soon so guess I better call it all off for now. Hadn't had any leave yet and apparently am not getting any for some time. However I am not worried in the least. I'd like to get going first. Bun [sister Bernice's husband] is only about fifty miles away from me so I may manage to see him some of these times, also Less [Donaldson] who is about same.

Well I'll be seeing you some time I hope.