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August 29, 2014

Bertram Howard Cox

August 29, 1918

My dear Murrill, Herbert, and Carl,

I've just got back from a great trip - souvenir hunting in the country that belonged to the Hun, a few days ago. It's great sport, going through his dug outs etc. etc. There's all kinds of stuff, but of course, the Infantry grab the best of it and they are always there ahead of us.

I went into one of his dug outs, today, quite close to his original front line, about 50 ft. deep, fitted up as a forward dressing station. Bundles of bandages and dope to put in wounds etc. etc. All kinds of medical apparatus. Everything all along the trenches and dug outs is left just as it was when they heard the enemy coming.

Am quite a distance away from the place, I wrote my last letter. We were rushed down here on short notice, to take part in another big offensive, which started at 3:00 AM on August 26th. It was carried out on the same principle as the battle of Aug. 8th (3rd. battle of the Somme), only this time the weather wasn't quite as good.

Not bad enough to interfere with the advance, but kept drizzling all the time we were in action, which, of course, was in an open field. We didn't get any sleep for 3 nights, so at every opportunity, we'd flop on the ground, and rain or no rain, we were soon asleep.