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January 27, 2015

Stride, Morley

January 27, 1916

MY DEAR MOTHER. - Just a few lines to-day. I am quite well and enjoying life as best I can. The weather is very wet and miserable, and it is beginning to turn cold again. We are out of the trenches and back for a rest, with which we can do nicely after the fierce bombardment of two hours which we went through - a continual roar of artillery and bursting shells. It sure was fierce and sad to see so many of our good squadron boys blown to pieces. It makes us all the more anxious to get at the enemy and to avenge the death of those whom we have lost. We, no doubt, will have the opportunity in the near future. But at present we are trying to get our nerves settled and get cleaned up again. We are being fitted with new clothing. The long-haired goatskin coats which have been issued are quite serviceable and warm, but quite a noise is created when we all get them on, and continual blatting like a flock of sheep occurs in the ranks until we are drawn to attention by the S.S.M. and then we settle down to duty.... We are billeted in an old barn with some straw in it. The building is swarming with rats and mice who have great sport at night stealing our cheese ration which has been issued the day before.