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October 24, 2014

Quinlan, Dennis John

October 24, 1941

No. 12
Friday, October 24, 1941

Dearest Mum -

As usual everything happens at once! We no sooner get some decent weather and are able to fly than my long overdue Canadian mail starts arriving and on top of that Art Salt comes down from Louiemouth where he is presently stationed to visit me.

So, all in all this last week has been a very, very busy one and therfore all the more interesting. We have been doing considerable flying both day and night but still not enough to suit me. Even at the present rate it will be two or three weeks before we are finished our training and posted to an Operational Squadron.

That day just can't come too soon for me! I do so want to be really doing something....

Its lovely of you Mum to be thinking so much of sending me parcels for really selfish as I know it must sound, there's no thrill quite comparable to that of a parcel from home. And I know that if you realize how much happiness they give me that will be ample compensation for all the trouble & bother entailed.

That does seem very 'piggy' doesn't it?