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September 30, 2014

John P. Sudbury

September 30, 1916

As you see by the heading we are blessed this time with a tent as a billet. We reached it last evening after a long tramp through the wet and the mud of very trafficy roads. As soon as we were dismissed my chums and I took off our packs and our puttees (to ease our legs) and made tracks for the near bye village, intending to get some eats because our camp supper wouldn't be ready for a couple of hours and after a heavy march two hours is far too long to wait for something to eat and we only wait when we are broke but having received 15 francs (a fortnights pay) quite recently we naturally didn't wait this time.

We reached the village and found a YM or to be correct it was a Church Army Hut, but it had sold out of everything except coffee so we went back to the street, clubbed together (4 of us) and bought the contents of a French shop (or some of them) then retraced our steps to the Hut, obtained some hot coffee and enjoyed a rather elaborate if not substantial meal but the fun we had made up for everything else that lacked.