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Lewis G. Billard was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia in 1923. He joined the R.C.A.F. in 1943 and worked on the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines in Lancaster bombers in England and in Mosquito Nightfighters in Europe. The collection consists of more than one hundred letters written home by Billard from 1943 to 1946.

John Newton was born in Limehouse, Ontario in 1887. He attended The University of Toronto where he was the captain of the University of Toronto football team that won the first Grey Cup in 1909 and then coached the Toronto Argonauts for three years prior to the war. Newton enlisted in May, 1916 and served overseas with the Canadian Field Artillery until the end of the war. He was awarded the Military Cross for actions on September 30, 1918. The collection consists of two letters to his wife, several photographs, and his diary from 1916 to 1918.

Ronald MacKinnon was born on 27 August 1893 and enlisted in Toronto on September 10, 1915, serving first with the 81st Battalion. The unit went overseas in April 1916, but was broken up to reinforce other battalions, with Ronald being transferred to the Royal Canadian Regiment. He reached France in June, and shortly thereafter was wounded in the fighting at Sanctuary Wood, near Ypres. In November 1916, he was passed fit for duty and was posted to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Private Ronald MacKinnon was killed in action at Vimy Ridge on April 9 -10, 1917. The collection currently consists of thirty nine letters and two photographs. See also the collections of his uncle William and his brother Archibald MacKinnon.

Norvin Smith Crawford served with the 8th Princess Louise's (New Brunswick) Hussars, R.C.A.C., 5th Canadian Armoured Division as a tank driver. Crawford was killed in Italy on September 1, 1944 at the age of 28. The collection currently consists of one photograph of Crawford and one letter from his commanding officer to Crawford's fiance Grace Fulton describing the circumstances of his death.

Allan Hamm was born in Bunbury, Prince Edward Island in July, 1897. He worked as a carpenter prior to his recruitment in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 1917. The collection consists of more than seventy letters, as well as photographs, postcards, telegrams, and other items.

Ed Gallagher was from Australia, born in 1916. He was a Wireless Airgunner who spent his war years (1941-1943) flying out of Mt. Batten (Plymouth, England) and Pembroke Dock (Wales) on Sunderlands. These two letters, part of a collection of 106 letters, describe his impressions of Canada as an Australian on his way to war in 1941 and in 1943 waiting to return to Australia. He was at the time writing to Molly Thomson, who he married in 1943 on his return to Australia.

The Women's Alliance of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto sent packages of food and other items to members of the congregation serving overseas. The collection consists of twelve letters of thank you from recipients to the Women's Alliance for the items they received.

George L. Adkins was born in England in 1889 and emigated to Canada prior to the war. He enlisted in March, 1915 in Edmonton, Alberta. The collection consists of four letters. Two of the letters are from George to his future wife written in 1915, and one to his mother written in 1916. In addition there is a letter written to George in 1928 from I.W. Anderson, who had been with Adkins in France, which recounts some of their experiences, and a letter to Louise after George's death.

Levi Dendoff was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia in October, 1898. Dendoff enlisted in Nanaimo with the 102nd Battalion in February, 1916 and served overseas until his return to Nanaimo at the end of the war. The collection currently consists of more than a dozen postcards, some photographs, and images of a trench art souvenier.

Alexander Hubert Matthews was born in Albeton, Prince Edward Island in January, 1892. He was one of twelve children of Anthony and Barbara Matthews. He enlisted in February, 1917 and served overseas as a sapper with the no. 58 Railway Operating Co. The collection consists of a postcard, pages from his paybook, and a certificate of gallantry from the Royal Engineers Transportation Branch.

Robert William Shirley was born in 1897, and enlisted in February, 1916 at Swan Lake, Manitoba. He served overseas in France and was killed August 11, 1918. The collection consists of one letter from his commanding officer to his mother, and an undated obituary from the local newspaper.

Flight Sergeant Harry E. Hansell was born on April 13, 1923 and raised in Alberta. At the age of 19, he enlisted with the RCAF in Edmonton in February, 1942. Hansell served overseas with the 16 Squadron Conversion Unit, the 427 Squadron, and the 434 Squadron. He and his crew were shot down on a raid over Germany on September 27, 1943. The collection consists of more than twenty letter from Hansell as well as official correspondence concerning his death.

Frederick Ernest Carter was born in Essex, England in 1871 and emigrated to Kamloops, British Columbia sometime prior to the war. His wife died in 1912, leaving him with two small children. Carter enlisted in May, 1915 at the age of 44. He served overseas in France where he was killed in action April 14, 1916, leaving behind two orphaned daughters in Canada. The collection consists of four letters.

Joseph Barnes was born in Nottinghamshire, England in February, 1892. Barnes emmigrated to Canada prior to war and enlisted in Toronto, Ontario on November 11, 1914. He served overseas with the 19th Battalion until his discharge in February, 1919. Barnes was wounded in 1917, and was also awarded the Military Medal. The collection currently consists of his paybook, photographs and postcards, letters, and other miscellaneous items connected to his service.

John Jackson Beck was born in Sheffield, England in June, 1882. Prior to the war Beck worked as an architect in England, Toronto, and New York before serving with the 32nd Siege Battery. Beck was a prolific writer, writing several hundered letters betweeen 1915 and his demobilization in April, 1919.

Earl Winstel Sutherland was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1885. He enlisted in September, 1914 and served five years overseas until he returned to Hamilton in 1919. The collection consists of one letter written from France in 1919.

Peter Joseph Biollo was born in 1923 in Edmonton, Alberta. He joined the RCAF and served with the rank of Flying Officer (Air Bomber). Biollo was shot down over France and died July 29, 1944. The collection currently consists of thirty letters.

The collection consists of one letter from May Grenville, a nurse who had served overseas with the A.E.F. home to her mother in Thorold, Ontario, at the end of the war in 1918.

Thomas (Tom) Peter Scandiffio was born on April 12, 1913 and served as a Warrant Officer Class II with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. Thomas was killed June 16, 1943. The collection consists of more than twenty letters written home by Tom as well as official correspondence relating to his death. See also the correspondence of his brother Frank.

Wellington Murray Dennis was born in April 1894 in Maplewood, Ontario.  He later moved west to Weyburn, Saskatchewan where he worked as an implement dealer. Dennis enlisted in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewa in April 1916 with the 229th Battalion.  He served overseas with the 5th Battalion Canadian Infantry and was killed on August 9, 1918.  The collection currently consists of more than thirty letters from Margaret Munro, his fiance, and letters from Murray to Margaret, as well as postcards and photographs.