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Thomas Roy Stevenson was born in Lower Woodstock, New Brunswick in 1888. During the war he joined the British Army as a sapper. The collection consists of four letters written to his sister and brother in Lower Woodstock in 1917 and 1918.

Edwin Charles Askew was born in London, England in October, 1885 and emigrated to Canada sometime prior to the war. He settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he enlisted on December 28, 1915. Askew was sent overseas but remained in England until 1918 due to illness. The collection consists of one photograph, two postcards, and one document relating to the soldier settlement scheme following the war.

Lieutenant Ivan Clark Maharg was born in Teeswater, Ontario in 1897 and enlisted in Brandon, Manitoba in March, 1916. He served in France with the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regiment). Maharg was killed in France September 29, 1918 at the age of 21. The collection consists of one extended letter, his diary from 1918, and five photographs.

William Cameron Hay was born in Toronto, Ontario in March, 1925 and joined the RCAF in 1943. He served overseas with the RCAF until the end of the war. The collection consists of more than forty letters from 1943 to 1945 between Bill Hay and his girlfriend and later wife, Hilda Cook.

Harry Austin McCleave was born in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia in February, 1892. McCleave won the Rhodes Scholarship for Nova Scotia in 1915 and admitted to Balliol College, Oxford University. Unfortunately due to the war he was unable to enroll. He enlisted in September, 1915 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the 64th Overseas Battalion. Oversead McCleave served overseas with the 13th Battalion until his death in October, 1916. The collection currently consists of his diary from 1916 and a newspaper clipping announcing his death.

John McLean was born in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, in 1894. He later moved to Echo Bay, Ontario, where he enlisted in January, 1916 and then served overseas in France. He was killed in action February 2, 1917. The collection consists of more than thirty letters.

Robert John Galloway was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in March 1898. He later moved to Cabri, Saskatchewan and enlisted in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in April, 1916. Galloway served with the 102nd Bn until his death at Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917.

Gerald Dow enlisted on January 11, 1943 and served overseas with the Essex Scottish Regiment. Dow was taken prisoner at Caen, France on July 20, 1944 and remained a prisoner until his liberation by American troops in April 1945. The collection currently consists of eight letters, three telegrams and three postcards.

Archibald (Archie) Polson was born in Gimli, Manitoba. Polson enlisted at Gimli, Manitoba in February, 1916, and was later transferred overseas with the 2nd Divisional Machine Gun Corps. Polson served in France, including the battle of Vimy Ridge. At Vimy he was wounded, resulting in the amputation of his arm. While almost fully recovered from his wound he contracted tetanus and died on September 1, 1917, and was buried in England. The online collection currently consists of twenty four letters exchanged between himself and his mother. The complete Polson collection is housed at The University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections and the materials contained herein are used with their permission.. The Project greatly appreciates the cooperation and assistance of The University of Manitoba in making these letters available.

Flight Lieutenant C.A. "Tony" Selfe served with the RCAF during the war. On D-Day, June 6, 1944 he was captain and pilot of a Halifax flying a late evening bombing mission. The following is an account of that mission, written in 1990, in which the crew had to bail out and the aircraft was destroyed. Tony Selfe died in Chemainus, British Columbia in July, 1990.

Ferruccio Joseph (Fritz) Giacomelli was born in Hamilton, Ontario in November, 1920. He trained in Canada as an Air Observer before going to England in April, 1942, flying with the 149 Squadron and later the 419 Squadron. Giacomelli returned to Canada at the end of the war, and died in 1981. The collection currently consists of four letters and several photographs.

This consists of a letter written home by Val "Max" Rimer to his mother, December 1943 from Italy. Also included is a postcard depicting the Queen Elizabeth, the ship which took Rimer to Europe and brought him home to Canada.

George Dorman was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in July, 1893. Dorman enlisted in June, 1916 and served overseas with the 11th Canadian Mounted Rifles. The collection currently consist of one letter, reunion materials, miscellaneous documents, and more than twenty photographs.

James Stokesbury Thorpe was born in Iowa, U.S.A. in January, 1889 and emigrated to Canada in the pre-war years. Thorpe enlisted in July, 1915 at Vernon, British Columbia and served as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Thorpe was killed on June 13, 1916 and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium. The collection consists of one letter written from Flanders home to his mother and older sister.

Sydney Arthur Row was born in Whitewood, Saskatchewan in June, 1897. Row enlisted in Winnipeg in October, 1914 and served overseas with the 27th Battalion. Row may possibly been only 17 at his time of enlistment, although his attestation papers state his age as 18. Both his brothers Francis Dibley Row and John Row Jr. served oveseas with him in the 27th. The collection currently consists of five letters.

Stanley Winfield was a member of the Allied Control Commission (Disarmament) assigned to Germany in the late spring of 1945. The collection consists of the notes for the training course for personnel assigned to the Commission, as well as a short memoir written in the summer of 1945 while in Germany detailing his experiences as part of the Commission.

Robert Lloyd Jones was born in Vulcan, Alberta in November, 1918. He enlisted with the R.C.A.F. in 1939 and served overseas with the 405 Squadron as an Aero Engine Mechanic. Jones returned to Canada in September, 1945. The collection currently consists of one photograph and two letters published in the local newspaper, The Vulcan Advocate.

Victor Leslie Davidson was born in September, 1892 in Chippawa, Ontario. Davidson enlisted in November, 1914 in Toronto, Ontario and went overseas with the 20th Battalion. In 1916 he married Emelia Sears, a nurse in England. The collection currently consists of postcards and photographs, as well as an autograph book kept by Emelia Sears from the hospital in which she was working.

Robert Conners was born in 1890 and lived in Montreal where he worked as a locomotive engineer. He enlisted in Montreal in 1917 and served overseas with the railway battalion. The collection also consists of additional letters from Kelvin, who appears to have been his cousin and who enlisted sometime in 1915. The collection consist of six letters, as well as numerous postcards and photographs.

Percy Roy Shannon was born in Walkerton, Bruce County, Ontario in December, 1887. Shannon first enlisted in March, 1915 as a stretcher-bearer in the 34th Battalion. At that time he was a medical student at The University of Toronto. He went overseas but was sent back to complete his medical training and graduated in 1917. Shannon received his commission and served with the No. 12 Field Ambulance of the R.A.M.C. He was killed serving with the Field Ambulance on November 3, 1918. The collection consists of two letters and one photograph.

This collection consists of three letters from the Cape Breton region from WWI which are part of the collections of the Beaton Institute, University College of Cape Breton. To Lieutenant James Murphy from his mother, April 2, 1917.  James Murphy was born in Cape Breton (Margaree) in 1893 and worked in coal mine at an early age until he enrolled at St. Francis Xavier to complete his high school education. During his first year at college war broke out and he was selected to go to the Royal Military College where he obtained his commission as Lieutenant. His army career began in 1916, serving at Somme and Vimy Ridge, where he was wounded and received the Military Cross. After the war Murphy moved to the United States and settled in Detroit. He died in 1972.   To Gerald Liscombe from his mother, Mrs. Edward Liscombe, January 17, 1919.   From Alex Morrison to his mother, Bessie Morrison, August 26, 1917.   Alex C. Morrison Alex Morrison was born in Sydney in 1897 and enlisted with the Cape Breton Highlanders 185th Battalion in 1916 and later transferred to the 25th Battalion in 1918. He fought in the battle of Amiens for which he was decorated with the Military Medal. He died in Sydney in 1998 at the age of 100. From Lieutenant Percy Willmot to his sister Dorothy, November 1, 1917

William John Howe left Valcartier with the 1st Contingent in September 1914, arriving in England in October. He was killed in action on 24 April 1915, during the Second Battle of Ypres, while serving with the 3rd Battalion. Private Howe’s body was never found; he is commemorated on the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium. The collection consists of four letters he wrote to his wife in Toronto, including one written just two days before his death.

Hebert (Bert) Franklin Ball was born in February, 1889 in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Alberta where his family was homesteading. Herbert enlisted in Edmonton, Alberta in January, 1915 with the 51st Battalion, and later served overseas with the 38th Battalion. Ball was killed November 18, 1916. The collection currently consists of two photographs, one clipping, and ten letters.

William Orlando Clay was born in Newmarket, Ontario in February, 1885. He enlisted in February, 1916 in Toronto with the 180th Battalion. The collection currently consists of his discharge certificate, several photos, and his diary from 1916.

John Labatt Scatcherd was born in Batavia, New York State, in October, 1895. At sometime prior to 1914 he emigrated to London, Ontario, where he enlisted in July, 1916. He served overseas in France and was awarded the Military Cross for bravery in 1917. He was killed in action September 3, 1918. The collection consists of five letters written from 1914 to 1915, and one photograph.