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Charles Roy Stratton was born in Brockville, Ontario in September, 1890 and then later moved to Montreal. Stratton enlisted with in Kingston, Ontario in February, 1916 with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. The collection currently consists of a portion of his diary, more than forty photographs, and some miscellaneous documents.

Thomas Roy Stevenson was born in Lower Woodstock, New Brunswick in 1888. During the war he joined the British Army as a sapper. The collection consists of four letters written to his sister and brother in Lower Woodstock in 1917 and 1918.

Lieutenant Ivan Clark Maharg was born in Teeswater, Ontario in 1897 and enlisted in Brandon, Manitoba in March, 1916. He served in France with the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regiment). Maharg was killed in France September 29, 1918 at the age of 21. The collection consists of one extended letter, his diary from 1918, and five photographs.

Neil McMillan was born at Uragaig, Scotland in May, 1885. Sometime prior to the war he emigrated to Canada, settling in Toronto, Ontario where he worked as a teamster. McMillan enlisted at Toronto in February, 1916 and served overseas with the 48th Highlanders. McMillan was killed on August 8, 1918. The collection consists of one photograph of McMillan, photographs of the Colonsay War Memorial and of his CWGC headstone.

Malcolm Theodore Taylor was born in Herefordshire, England in May, 1897 (a note on his attestation papers says that his birth certificate shows his date of birth as 1899). Prior to the war Taylor emigrated to Canada and enlisted in May, 1916 in Winnipeg, Manitoba with the 107th overseas Battalion. The collection currently consists of three photographs and one postcard.

Ira Layton Holmes was born on Prince Edward Island in July, 1893. Holmes enlisted in Regina, Saskatchewan in January, 1915 and served overseas. The collection currently consists of two letters, a short diary from 1916, photographs, and miscellaneous items.

David Robertson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in September, 1890 and emigrated to Canada sometime prior to the war. Robertson enlisted in September, 1914. He was severely wounded and taken prisoner in 1915, repatriated, and then discharged in 1916 as medically unfit for service. The collection currently consists of several letters, postcards, personal items, and the first issue of Maple Leaf Magazine.

John McLean was born in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, in 1894. He later moved to Echo Bay, Ontario, where he enlisted in January, 1916 and then served overseas in France. He was killed in action February 2, 1917. The collection consists of more than thirty letters.

Archibald (Archie) Polson was born in Gimli, Manitoba. Polson enlisted at Gimli, Manitoba in February, 1916, and was later transferred overseas with the 2nd Divisional Machine Gun Corps. Polson served in France, including the battle of Vimy Ridge. At Vimy he was wounded, resulting in the amputation of his arm. While almost fully recovered from his wound he contracted tetanus and died on September 1, 1917, and was buried in England. The online collection currently consists of twenty four letters exchanged between himself and his mother. The complete Polson collection is housed at The University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections and the materials contained herein are used with their permission.. The Project greatly appreciates the cooperation and assistance of The University of Manitoba in making these letters available.

Thomas Poolton was born in Birmingham, England in May, 1888. At some time prior to the war Poolton emigrated to Canada and enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in November, 1914. He served overseas with the 20th Battalion and was wounded in 1916 as indicated by the postcards to him. The collection consists of a number of postcards to Poolton, as well as a number of miscellaneous items.

Ralph Gooding Ball was born in Hilldale, Alberta in September, 1900. Ball lied about his age and enlisted in Victoria, British Columbia in September, 1916. He was discharged on compassionate grounds in January, 1918 at the request of his parents after the deaths of his two brothers, Herbert and Samuel. The collection currently consists of two letters, one photograph, and one clipping.

Walter James Lantz was born on Prince Edward Island in 1891 and enlisted at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in October, 1915. He served overseas as a gunner in France and was killed July 12, 1916. The collection consists of a memory book of photographs compiled by one of his friends and fellow soldiers and sent to Lantz's parents following his death. The entire individual pages have been reproduced as well as individual photographs on those pages.

Allan Matheson Conquergood was born in Kincardine, Ontario in May, 1872. He enlisted in July, 1916 in Winnipeg with the 239th Battalion, the Railway Construction Corps and served overseas. The collection currently consists of his diary from 1917.

This consists of a letter written home by Val "Max" Rimer to his mother, December 1943 from Italy. Also included is a postcard depicting the Queen Elizabeth, the ship which took Rimer to Europe and brought him home to Canada.

James Stokesbury Thorpe was born in Iowa, U.S.A. in January, 1889 and emigrated to Canada in the pre-war years. Thorpe enlisted in July, 1915 at Vernon, British Columbia and served as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Thorpe was killed on June 13, 1916 and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium. The collection consists of one letter written from Flanders home to his mother and older sister.

John Ernest Fitzgerald was born on January 27, 1925, the son of John and Effie Fitzgerald of New Westminster, British Columbia. Fitzgerald served as a Flight Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was killed August 27, 1944 when his Lancaster was shot down. Fitzgerald and all the crew members are buried in Denmark. The collection consists of more than forty letters, twelve photographs, telegrams, and other personal items. See also the excellent Danish site for more information about the crash and crew.

George Henry Redman was born in Norfolk, England in September, 1892. He enlisted in Pincher Creek, Alberta in February, 1915. Redman served overseas with the Fort Garry Horse until his death in April, 1918. The collection consists of more than thirty letters from Redman to members of his family, as well as photographs, postcards, and telegrams.

William J. Macdonald, a medical student, enlisted in Toronto on December 29, 1899, with the 9th Toronto Field Battery. He was 24 years of age. Macdonald served overseas with "C" Field Battery, Royal Canadian Field Artillery until he was discharged in January, 1901.

Vaughan Whitier Pearson was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1898 and was a student at The University of Toronto when he enlisted in April, 1916. He served overseas in France until the end of the war. Vaughan Pearson was the third of three sons to serve overseas, following his brothers Marmaduke and Lester, a future Prime Minister of Canada. The collection consists of six letters from Vaughan, a post card, a Christmas card, a newspaper clipping, and one photograph.

Alexander Hubert Matthews was born in Albeton, Prince Edward Island in January, 1892. He was one of twelve children of Anthony and Barbara Matthews. He enlisted in February, 1917 and served overseas as a sapper with the no. 58 Railway Operating Co. The collection consists of a postcard, pages from his paybook, and a certificate of gallantry from the Royal Engineers Transportation Branch.

William Henry Bell was born in Chatham, Ontario in 1897 and moved to Innisfree, Alberta to farm with his family. Bell enlisted at Vegreville, Alberta in February, 1916 with the 151st Battalion. He was killed at Vimy Ridge, April 10, 1917. The collection consists of twenty letters and one poem.

Flight Sergeant Harry E. Hansell was born on April 13, 1923 and raised in Alberta. At the age of 19, he enlisted with the RCAF in Edmonton in February, 1942. Hansell served overseas with the 16 Squadron Conversion Unit, the 427 Squadron, and the 434 Squadron. He and his crew were shot down on a raid over Germany on September 27, 1943. The collection consists of more than twenty letter from Hansell as well as official correspondence concerning his death.

Harry Austin McCleave was born in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia in February, 1892. McCleave won the Rhodes Scholarship for Nova Scotia in 1915 and admitted to Balliol College, Oxford University. Unfortunately due to the war he was unable to enroll. He enlisted in September, 1915 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the 64th Overseas Battalion. Oversead McCleave served overseas with the 13th Battalion until his death in October, 1916. The collection currently consists of his diary from 1916 and a newspaper clipping announcing his death.

Robert John Galloway was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in March 1898. He later moved to Cabri, Saskatchewan and enlisted in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in April, 1916. Galloway served with the 102nd Bn until his death at Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917.

Ralph Richards was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1889. He emigrated to Canada sometime before the First World War, and enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Sydney, Nova Scotia in September, 1915. The collection consists of one photograph and one long memoir, writtten sometime during World War II, which recounts his experience during World War I as a prisoner of war.