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October 21, 2014

Wilson, Orval

October 21, 1942

Dear Mother:
Well I am finally getting around to writing again. I or I should say we all enjoyed the food you sent as a matter of fact that is about all we ate. The food here is starting to improve so I think I will be able to survive my stay here. I went up for my first ride on Sunday and had a real good time. We flew over Regina and I was able to spot our place and all that. It isn't a bad looking joint from the air. We went as far as Quapelle and then followed the lakes around for awhile....I thought it would be a real thrill but it was less fun then doing 60 M.P.H in a car. The only thrill you get out of it is when you are low flying and boy were we ever low. The pilot had spent a 48 at this farm so he decided to give them a thrill. We swooped and dived all around the farm until I didn't know whether I was sitting or standing on my head.