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September 23, 2014

Bertram Howard Cox

September 23, 1916

My Dearest Mamma,

Here we are at last across the pond as you'll see by the above address. I suppose I'd better start at the beginning and detail it right through. Did you receive my letter dated about Sept 2nd? After my Toronto trip?

The big day came on Sept 8th at 7pm for us to pull out of old Petawawa and a glad moment it was. Our train (special) stopped at Pembroke and I never saw so many girls in Pembroke before as there were to meet us at the station that night. We were not allowed to get off the train, but talked to them through the windows. One, I never saw before gave me a box of eatables about 2 ft long. We also pulled them up to the windows and kissed them goodbye. Mc Kennan, one of the Bank boys, took me in over the weekend to meet some of his relations. They also met us with candy and several pairs of socks.