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Ypres, Antony Ypres 1914 Cloth Hall on Fire.
Nellie, Circa 1910.
L. to R. Bert Tucker, unknown, Thomas F. Townsend.  France, 1916
Members of the 9th Canadian Field Ambulance. Montreal P.Q. February, 1916
H. Tucker, G.E. Bee, T.F. Townsend, B.J. Wark. Stretcher squad #1 after an engagement in...
Ypres Street
5th Battery, Canadain Garrison Artillery near Poziers on the Albert-Bapaume Road.
Horse ambulance picking up wounded at advance Dressing Station. Battle of the Somme, Fler-...
The Ruins of Ypres. 1917.
The Sacre-Coeur Chapel, Ypres.
Ypres 1917
German prisoners help bring wounded Canadian soldiers to the Field Dressing Station via light...
No.1 Canadian General Hospital, Etaples
No.7 Canadian General Hospital, Etaples 1917
Thomas Franklin Townsend. Belguim, 1917.
Thomas Franklin Townsend. France 1917.
Nurses quarters, No. 7 Canadian General Hospital, Etaples.
Vimy Ridge medical staff shelter, 9th Canadian Field Ambulance, April 1917.
No.1 Canadian General Hospital Etaples, June 1917
Canadian Stretcher bearers Passchendale, Nov 1917
The editor of the British magazine John Bull talking to a patient. 1918.
Ypres, Hospice du Sacre-Coeur The Aslyum 1918
Bomb Damage at Canadian Hospital, Etaples, 1918
Thomas Franklin Townsend. On Leave in Scotland, 1918.
Geo Bee far right.
Interior, Canadian Hospital, Bombing damage, Etaples May 1918
Etaples bombing May 1918
Scene of the great memorial service held in a British military cemetry in Etaples, France Taken...
Thomas Franklin Townsend. 25 Oct. 1918.
Thomas Franklin Townsend. Studio Cecil, Glasgow.
9th Field Ambulance