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Date: January 30th 1943

Dear Bus: - (P.S. Hope to hear from you soon.) 30/1/43

Just a line to let you know everything is still going fine. Only the mails not coming in any to well. I had one from Vic, written 8/11/42 a few days ago which was very nice, but its the only one for over a month & a half. I've still only had the one from Laurraine & sure would like to get another. But I guess theres lots on the way & I'll get them all at once like we use to back there, when they get here! Well old boy enough of that. How's it going with you any way? I guess you have a really gay old time, with me not there to hold you down eh. Ha, Ha/ By the way I won't need that kit bag I asked for, as we have one issued now. Hope you haven't sent it yet. Thanks for all you have done & all at Potters Bar. We went back to VIIIB 8/a/43 & then back to Dulag Luft 23/1/43 where we are now. What for or where to next, I don't know. So old bean just use the same old address till you hear again. All the best & hope to see you soon.


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