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Date: October 1952

CW.O Poile

Main HQ

Korea in the Field
CT 195175

1 Oct 52
Weather - Clear but chilly.
Of interest - The CO made an early morning inspection of the coys on 355. The Pde Commander arrived at Main HQ at 1000 hrs and was met by the CO. Severe shelling and mortaring was experienced by the Battalion especially by A Coy and C Coy. Vancouver outpost was subject to a heavy concentration of enemy shells & mortars resulting in the death of Pte McKinnon H I, Pte White R O, Pte Mystadt D S, L/Cpl Cormier A M, Pte Elliott W H, Pte Darrah H C. Wounded were Pte Bradshaw, Pte Lamey T A, Cpl Church E F, Cpl McDonald, Cpl Meeks.Tpr Stevenson LDSH was slightly wounded.

2 Oct 52
Weather - warm and clear. Very cold at night.
Of Interest - The Bde Comp paid a quick visit to the CP at 1000 hrs accompanied by Lt Col McNaughton. They expressed concern at yesterdays tragic shelling of VANCOUVER. The Comp appeared quite satisfied with the construction of the new CP but appeared equally unhappy with the chin foliage on some of our young pioneers.
The Divisions concern with possible enemy attack was reflected in the Gucci - personal - telephone call to A Coy at the sharp - end. At 1800 hrs Lt Sykes and 95 re-enforcements arrived at Main HQ - wonderful - wonderful. Due to the severe shelling of A Coy the 25 reinforcements were sent back to A Echo and Cpl Hughes of 1 RCR, while Tar Welder G represented LDSH. Wounded were Pte Willmot H, Pte Warren, Pte Pageau H, Pte Johnson J, Pte Wiggins L. All casualties were from A Coy who have received a severe case of shelling in the past two days. Over 800 shells & bombs fell on the Battalion position. L/Cpl Zinck P, Pte Haley G, Pte McCullough suffered from battle exhaustion.

3 Oct 52
Weather - Warm during the day, cool at night.
Of Interest - Col Stevens, Royal fusiliers, made a tour of 355. The Bde Commander arrived Red Main this morning and was met by Lt Col P R Bingham. Pte McKey was
wounded. The cold nights are necessitating the wearing of tunics, sweaters, etc. D Coy now occupy A Coy Position.

4 Oct 52
Weather - Temp went down to 37 during the night, but a warm sun during the day made the night an unpleasant memory.

Of Interest - Much to the happiness of Sgt O'Neill, Lt Hauld and his Pioneers completed the CP. The move from the I Office to its new home was a joyful occasion all around. The new CP can be placed amongst the best 5 in Korea. Signals are having continual trouble with lines, to-night was no exception, all coy lines were out. At 2125 hrs Major
Holmes phoned our friends on the left to tell them we would much appreciate their recording an MMG task they were now firing as a DF/SOS as the MMG's catch on. The
above is probably the most diplomatic way ever known of telling some other unit to stop shooting his x?''s guns at us.

5 Oct 52
Weather - The day was very mild and sunny.
Of Interest - Cpl Fowler was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Lt Gardner and Cpl Fowler received awards for their daring patrol, Lt Gardiner the MC, and Cpl Fowler the
MM. Cats and kittens are making their appearance in Main HQ, especially in the Sigs area. The new CP is receiving praise from all visitors and without doubt it is earnest praise.

6 Oct 52
Weather - Mild and warm.
Of Interest - The Bde Commander made a visit to our fwd positions. He was escorted by Lt Col P R Bingham. An old RCR's 2/Lt Collins arrived at Red Main accompanied by Lt F Nish

7 Oct 52
Weather - Warm with overcast sky in late afternoon.
Of Interest - Sgt Tunstal left D Coy to take over the job of welfare sergeant. Sgt McNeil will be leaving for a job at Bde. CP Flint returned from hospital and took over his usual job. The building of the new CCP is being admired by many eyes. It is voiced that its construction will surpass even the Cp. The strength of the Battalion as of today was 1001 all ranks.

8 Oct 52
Weather - no complaints to be heard.
Of Interest - The RMO, Major Jaffey made a routine visit of E & D Coy. A few bombs fell close by as he was leaving the area - his speed of departure was accelerated accordingly. The CO made an early morning tour up front. From 0001 hrs everything on our front was reported as quiet. To our right in the ROK sector large fights raged about the "Kelly", "Tessie", and "Nori" feature. Who has what is debatable these days.

9 Oct 52
Weather - Extremely warm for this season.
Of Interest - Lt Manzer and Lt Hanson arrived back from course in Japan. Lt Col McNaughton arrived at the CP at 0900 hrs. He was met by Major Holmes, Col Morgan-Smith, ADMS, visited 1 RCR and had lunch. Capt Maguire, Historical Officer for 25 CIB visited. A barrel puzzle craze is sweeping the CP. Major Jaffey was the latest to become infected. The record is 1 hour and 55 min. Lt Cook 3 hrs and Lt Peterson, 3 hrs 15 mins. A caravan joined the CP group this afternoon. It was claimed as Major Klenavic's home-on-wheels.

10 Oct 52
Weather - Valley fog in the morning, remaining cloudy throughout the afternoon.
Of Interest - The CO visited E Coy at firs light and remained for breakfast. The 2 i/c Major Klenavic, and the IO visited B and A Coys. There is a very red-faced private in C Coy as the result of his passing the CO and failing to salute. The three-way conversation which followed is hereby written for Regimental posterity. Capt Mahar, "Soldier did you not see the Commanding Officer?". Soldier X -"No sir, haven't seen him today".
The policy came over [?]. Capt Mahar, "come over here soldier". The soldier came over. Capt Mahar, "Are you sure you haven't seen the CO"?. Soldier X - "No Sir". The CO - "Do you recognize me"?. Soldier X - "Nope". The CO - "How long have you been with the unit"?. Soldier X - "2months". The CO, "Where have you been, in jail or something"? Soldier X, "Nop!". The CO, "and you don't know the CO"? Soldier X, "Nop" Capt Mahar, "Well this is the CO". Soldier X, "Oh!". The CO's final comment to Capt Mahar, "well at least he didn't stick out his hand and say, "pleased to meet you Sir". At 0400 hrs Capt Angus heard a bugle! He stood to. Suddenly it was discovered that the Aussies were doing a stand-to. The confusion was heightened when it was discovered that the line to Main was out. In the confusion Lt Hanson, 2i/o of C Coy was forgotten and he slept
through the whole thing. War reaches in distant places! Two diversionary patrols were sent out this evening one from C Coy and one from D Coy.

11 Oct 52
Weather - Changing to quite cool weather.
Of Interest - The Bde Commander arrived at Red Main at 1000 hrs. The CO left at noon for Echelon and leave. A burst of bren at 2200 hrs heralded the coming of the enemy to Main HQ, the sighting was done by the Provost. On investigation, no enemy seen.
Sgt Rose left Main HQ for Canada at 1700 hrs today on compassionate grounds.
Major Klenavic assumed command 1st Battalion 1 RCR in the absence of Lt Colonel P R Bingham.

12 Oct 52
Weather- Quite cool and windy.
Of Interest - Lt Ringland will replace Capt Harrison. He will go forward tomorrow with the COMS. Capt Harrison will take over as 2i/c "Dog" Coy. At 1300 hrs a co-ordination meeting for operative "Apostle" was held at Red Main.

13 Oct 52
Weather - Cool before sun-up and after sunset.
Of Interest - The "B" Coy fighting patrol destined for 227 hit an enemy ambush at CT-163194. In the ensuing engagement two men were missing, 12 men wounded. Mortar fire on Vancouver outpost during B Coys patrol caused the death of 3 men and wounded 5. "B" Coy personnel wounded were:- Pte Rooke, Pte Smith, Pte St Amour, Cpl Tomkin, L/Cpl Walker, Pte Billings, Pte Masters, Pte Vivier, Sgt Scouler, Sgt Enright, Pte
Clinkenboomer, Pte Bruce, Pte Noble, Pte Jubenville. D Coy personnel killed or wounded:- Pte Latham KIA, L/Cpl Rice KIA, Pte Stowe KIA - wounded were:- Pte
Shattraw, Pte Power, Pte MacCumber, Pte King, Pte Murphy.

14 Oct 52
Of Interest - Lt Colonel McNaughton made an early morning trip at 25 OP. The night was fairly quiet with only two outposts reporting enemy. Bde Commander, Brig Bogart visited Maine HQ and was met by Major Klenavic. Sgt Britton, Sigs pl was posted to E Coy. Stiff fighting is still going on in the ROK area on our right. At present friendly forces hold "Whitehorse Ridge". Sgt Gurnick arrived at Red Main from A echelon to
replace Sgt Britton. During the night of 12/13 Oct the RCHA fired 540 rds in support of the B Coy patrol. Maj Gen K Norris, DGMA, Australian Army, visited 1 RCR, RAP.

15 Oct 52
Weather - Rain with low overcast.
Of Interest - Lt Clark, Royal Marines arrived for a two day visit with the Regiment.
He is staying with Lt McDonald at B Coy. The Bde Commander made a visit to the
CP accompanying the C of S, Malayan Army.

16 Oct 52
Weather - Very cool.
Of Interest - A wireless deception exercise was held. Codenames and extra stations
were used in an effort to deceive the enemy into believing we had several people in
the valley.

17 Oct 52
Weather - Very cool weather but delightfully refreshing.
Of Interest - Co-ordinators conference for patrol tonight. Patrol included RCE, Pnrs, and
1 pl C Coy. Aim is to lay mines and put in fence. Sgt Trembly turned over to the I
Office a complete Bangalore torpedoe, Chink style. It was found 10 yards from
wire about Calgary outpost. Lt Clark of the Royal Marines left after a two day visit with
B Coy. Att approx 1800 hrs Capt Cloutier was informed by R22R that a party of
Chinamen were moving off Pt 227 towards the South. Accurate 81mm mortar fire was
brought down. Major Keeler RCHA decided to lace 227 on the principal that the Chinese
wouldn't be able to hear the bombs coming in whilst the shells were whistling over their
heads. Tricky, and we hope affective.

18 Oct 52
Of Interest - The minelaying and wiring party out last night had no trouble. D Coy
was shelled and mortared causing two casualties. Pte Shortread KIA and Pte Moffat
WIA. A report came through to Main HQ telling of an accident, particulars unknown,
involving several RCR in Japan. It was listed as 2 killed, 17 wounded. Brig Bogart paid a
visit to Main HQ. Brig Bishop arrived at Main HQ and was met by Major Klenavic. He
is the VAG, from Ottawa. 1 RAR, I Sgt, Sgt O'Sullivan checked in at I Sec 1 RCR for
information regarding handover on 1/2 Nov. Major Keeler, RCHA on being informed
the enemy were showing lights initiated his own black-out campaign. His remarks,
"Those fellows are going to learn to observe black-out regulations just like our men".
Wounded by enemy mortars were Pte Holland H and Pte Warren P A.

19 Oct 52
Weather - Extremely mild and sunny weather.
Of Interest - For the past week an effort has been made to increase the use of inter
battalion wireless. This has been for three reasons: (a) Bde has directed more wireless be
used, (b) we use more "ghost-stations" Utilizing spare members on our Bn net in an effort
to get the enemy used to our using the sets with the object of our making use of these
numbers for patrols. (c) regular enemy shelling knocks out our lines and we have no
choice but to use wireless. The minelaying and protection party were on the job again
under cover of MMGs and arty fire. The Pnrs were referred to over the wrls as "House of
David". The 81mm's fired 300 bombs 18/19 Oct. Bde was slightly put out as 90 bomb
were used for DF's so the Regimental conscience is clear.

20 Oct 52
Of Interest - The first of a series of demonstrations on winterization of living quarters
and equipment began today. The unit drew on its Artic trained personnel to instruct Lts
Cassan, Cook and Bauld with Capt Cameron (RCANC) contributed under the direction of
Major Homes. The Bde Commander arrived at 1100 hrs.

21 Oct 52
Weather - Mild and cloudy with a smattering of rain in the morning, changing to a
downpour in the afternoon and evening.
Of Interest - At 0530 hrs T/CO 1 RCR and CO 1 RAR with opposite numbers made an
initial recce of 355. 1 RCR received 647 mortar bombs and 170 shells or approximately
7? tons of steel and HE in a 24 hr period ending 1600 hrs 20 Oct 52. This unit was
slightly perturbed because Bde questioned our report of the number of rds over the last 24
hours. However we are resolute as we are in a position to know. As Major Keeler, 1
RCHA put it, "They must think we have a cash register up there". During the last 24
hours we received and duly acknowledged 10 to 15½ tons of shot and shell. It is apparent
that the Chinaman is not aware of the ammo shortage air force interdiction has impaired
on him. We wonder if to-days rain is a rehearsal for our forthcoming move.

22 Oct 52
Weather - A sunny day with a slight cooling breeze.
Of Interest - The enemy arty carried on their continuous firing. The Regimental Banner
atop 355 is hot and shelled - but it still flys. Brig Bogert and Lt Col McNaughton arrived
at the CP on business trips. 1 RCR received 2426 rounds from the "friendly" Chinamen.
At 15 pds per bomb that is 18 tons of assorted misery. No one attempted to distinguish
between mortars and shells - and no one can blame them! The CP was like a three
ringed circus at times this afternoon, with the Commander, drivers, Australians and
everyone but Chinamen. The BA though the CP resembled a "General Store".

23 Oct 52
Of Interest - At 0830 1 Jeep and 1 truck load of ROK army personnel arrived in Red
Main. As it happens they were looking for 1 PPCLI and were directed accordingly.
At 1000 hrs Lt Col McNaughton on 1 RCHA arrived at the CP. Two helicopter
evacuations took place today. An officer from the PPCLI with Hom Fever and an RCR
Pte with shell wounds. At 1815 hrs the tense words came to the CO, "B" Coy was being
over-run. By mortaring and shelling was followed by the enemy charging into B Coy
position in the gathering dusk. All line comm went out and the situation was handled by
wrls. A Coy and E Coy were under heavy arty fire but did not contact the enemy at this
time. D Coy of the RF commanded by Major Hill arrived and took over from D Coy 1
RCR at 2045 in the reserve position. Illumination of the scene was done by para flares
from an aircraft. Nothing was heard from B Coy so "snooper " patrols were sent to
investigate. They encountered enemy on the B Coy hill. D Coy came form the reserve
position and put in a counter-attack through E Coy under a friendly DF. By 0400 B Coy
position was again in 1 RCR hands. The enormous task of re-organization and
administration began.

24 Oct 52
Weather - Very mild and sunny.
Of Interest - 2i/c RF, Major Harding arrived at CP approx 1000 hrs. Brig Bogert and Lt
Col McNaughton arrived for a conference with Major Klenavic. Today our arty hate
against the Chinks increased when Major Keeler was assisted by Capt Caldwell in
directing fire against anything that moved, coughed, blew their nose or showed a light
across the valley. Some of last nights hectic atmosphere hangs on. However we only have
13 instead of 23 people in the CP at the time of writing.
In the week 18 Oct - 24 Oct incoming mail was as follows, 8503 shells and 506 mortars.
In support of our B Coy do of last night the following the field was fired; 1 RCHA, 4684,
14th Fd - 3027; 16 Pd 3324; 61 Lt Regiment, 3279, and Corps Arty 3000, a grand total of
17314 rds. Capt Campbell, OC D Coy PPCLI came under command of 1 RCR when
they relieved C Coy 1 RCR. C Coy 1 RCR relieved D Coy. D Coy 1 RCR took over D
Coy 1 PPCLI position. The RF remained in the reserve position.

25 Oct 52
Of Interest - 1 RCR received 03 reinforcements today. Many of them old Royals of
which the majority went to B Coy. Amongst the reinforcement was WO II MacDonald,
Sgt Howard and Sgt Wilson.

26 Oct 52
Of Interest - Brig Bogert and Lt Col McNaughton made an early morning visit to E Coy.
Pte Crawford, C Coy was evacuated by helicopter early this morning with head wounds.
Coy & P1 Conds are making recess of the Reserve area to be occupied by 1 RCR when relief in the line by 1 RAR takes place. Lt Col P R Bingham arrived back to take over his Regiment again. His presence was felt rather than seen in the rapidity with which his chair reappeared in the CP.

27 Oct 52
Weather - Very warm and sunny.
Of Interest - 1 RCR was today visited by Maj Gen Paul W Kendal, USA, I Corps
Commander, Gen Roberts - West GOC Commonwealth Div and Brigadier Bogert; Lt
Col P R Bingham took the Corporal Commander to the reserve coy position from
whence Gen Kendal surveyed the scene of the 23/24 Oct Action. Gen Kendal
congratulated the Bn on the prompt manner in which the situation was restored and the
enemy ejected from 1 RCR area. With the coming of darkness 1 RCR not about the
domination of the valley between 355 & 227 by sending out a patrol to Calgary and Old
Vancouver with the object of investigation their suitability for occupancy. These patrols
had a violent reaction in the form of enemy flares and DF fire. The occupants of the US
Arty OP decided to de-camp. They were deterred by an RCR Cpl whose name is
unknown but whose immortal words rang out through shot and shell and deserves
recording, "You F------s" he said, "are not bugging out from here while there is a war on".
Our allies returned to duty. D Coy PPCLI were relieved by D Coy 1 RCR, A Coy RF,
were relieved by B Coy 1 RCR. 2 Bn ROMs relieved the PPCLI on our right.
Major Roberts, 3 PPCLI made a tour of duty with E Coy for battle experience.

28 Oct 52
Of Interest - Due to the discovery of enemy bunkers, total 6, in our territory, a party of
pioneers with a screening patrol out and blew them up. Previous investigation had shown
these bunkers to have been occupied, probably by the attackers of B Coy. They left a
wide assortment of articles behind them including a horn which is being kept for 1 RCR
war museum.

29 Oct 52
Lt Clark led a patrol to investigate Edmonton, NTR. The body of L/Cpl Anaka was
found today. Our reserve position, DLI area has been changed to RF position.

30 Oct 52
Of Interest - IO of the RF arrived to check on positions #5 in Wyoming Line and position
14 in Kansas Line.

31 Oct 52
Weather - Showers in the morning.
Of Interest - With guests from 3 PPCLI and 1 RCR the Sergeants mess found itself
embarrassed - no beer, liquor, coke, tea or coffee - how tough can things get.
The 3 Bn PPCLI are coming up nightly for Battle experience. 1 RCR are becoming a
common sight in TAC HQ as they prepare to take over our positions on 355.
The gallant E Coy stood down on being relieved by the Royal Fusiliers.

1st Battalion