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Date: February 20th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday 20 Feb.

Dear Folks-

Rec'd your letter of Feb 10 yesterday it only took 9 days to reach me. It is post-marked Yorkton. Had a letter from Edna to-day she used my S.S.R. address and it took over a week longer.

Had a very uninteresting week just hanging around waiting to go on course. You see at the Camp we have no men to train so are sent out on courses to various points. Its O.K. but every time we move we have to pack all our earthly belongings including a bed and bed roll. The course involves transfering from Waterloo Station to another main line in London which always adds to the excietment.

Saw a couple of shows one in the mess and one in a local theatre. Last night I went to a dance with a rather interesting blonde I met about a month ago. We had supper caught a train traveled about 20 miles and went to a dance that started at 7 and quit at 10 caught a 10 after 10 train back. The train comming back was crowded to the point where there wasn't even standing room, but we had a lot of fun.

I remember in one of your letters mentioning something about Willie and Paul thanking the Homemakers for their parcel, well it never dawned on me. I though it was from you at home and forgot all about the Homemakers. I'll try and make a better show next time. I havn't run across any of the lads from home. I had a letter from Harold but went on week-end and didn't see him. I had a letter from Shorty as you probable already know hes in the hospital having his appendix removed. I might be able to visit him next week. He seemed to be O.K. and is blessed with several female callers. He will likely meet me some place when he gets his sick leave. Well, Im afraid my news supply has become exhausted again.

We have had a spell or rather chilly weather and you know all about it with fuel rationed they way it is rationed here. Has Ivan sold anymore pigs lately. Had a letter from Myra some time ago, I guess Clive is just as happy as ever with his surplus of jobs.

Hope your all fine. Havn't been under the weather at all and the winter seems to be fairly well beat over here.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.