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Date: November 15th 1916
George Leslie

27 miles from nowhere
Wed. Nov. 15

Dear Cath:
You'll likely notice that this paper isn't in 1st class condition, but you'll have to consider the fact that it's been "doing its' bit" in the front line with the rest of us, and make all due allowances. At present we are back at our billets after putting in 8 days in the front line - came out last Sat. and expect to go in again tomorrow or the next day. The fighting on our part of the line doesn't amount to much for expect for a few whiz-bangs and "coal-box" now & then Fritz doesn't bother us very much. The worst part of our life in the trenches is the mud. We have been issued with hip boots but in places I've seen the water go right over the tops of them and every now & then a fellow gets mired & has to be dug out. We have a good deal of satisfaction in knowing that Fritz isn't any better off though. We can sometimes see him up on the parapet baling the water out of his trench in broad daylight.

I suppose you'll think I've decided to give up letter writing but I really haven't had a chance to write a line since leaving the base. I can't imagine where my mail is going to either. Monday night I received 4 parcels and two letters and tonight I got a letter from Cliff but that is all I've seen since leaving Eng. Haven't heard from you for over 5 (five) weeks!!

Well, I expect there will be great doings in the old burg about the time this note reaches you. Wish I could be there to hear you finish the haggis but I don't think it will go to waste. I never did make a very big hole in the dish anyway.

Hope everyone is well. Am O.K. myself.

As ever

P.S. This is my correct add. #799147 No 2 Coy. 15th Can. Batt. B.E.F.