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Date: May 15th 1917
George Leslie

May 15/17

Dear Cath:

I have your letter of Apr. 12 and sure was glad to get it although I am sorry to hear that your mother is feeling so poorly. However, I hope that by the time this reaches you she will be around again as usual.

Today has been quite a big day for the troops as we have been holding a batt field day. We had all kinds of sports just as we used to have at the old C.I. and the meet was a great success. I didn't win any prizes but entered some events just to see if I could do as well as I used to - am glad to say that my seven months holidays in "Sunny France" hasn't affected my wonderful skill (?) (You have seen me in the field on one or two occasions) as an athlete. Some of the boys did pretty well but I couldn't help thinking of what Harry O'Neill used to do at Windsor & Leamington & how he could have put them all in the shade.

I think I answered your last letter about 9 weeks ago but as near as I can remember I didn't mention having seen Jim MacLaren. I think it was the day afterwards that he came over & looked me up. I didn't know he was over here so you can imagine my surprise. I was never more pleased to see a fellow in my life. I'll bet we will make the bunch laugh next time we have a party at their place & Jim & I start telling you about the time we met on the other side of the big blue pond. Jim looks fine & says everything is going O.K.

Say, Cath, I certainly didn't think much of this country when we struck it last fall but now I have an entirely different opinion. For the past 3 weeks we have been having beautiful weather - hardly a drop of rain and the trees are all filling out, fields turning green, birds singing, etc. We enjoy it all the more when we are having a rest behind the lines. To put the finishing touch on - we have got our kilts so you may look for another snap of these days.

Last week I actually received a letter from Scotty. It was dated Feb and you just should have seen the address attached to it - wherever he got it. I certainly don't know. The letter has been traveling all over England & France though by the looks of it. Scotty says he is going to try & make both parts this year but says it is a pretty hard job to do any studying - says he wishes he were out here with me instead. Poor Scotty, I'm afraid his case is hopeless.

So Bob Dalmege is married. Well that is a surprise. Quite a romance eh what? He is certainly lucky. I haven't seen a real girl for over six months let alone marry one. I think I had better get wounded too. Wonder if Lawrence has been hitched up yet.

Well this is the end of my paper so I will have to quit. Best wishes for June 7th & 8th.

Sincerely yours,