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Date: May 20th 1917
George Leslie

May 20/17

Dear Cath:

Your letter Apr. 22 just came in and I was so glad to hear from you again. You state that you didn't have much news to put in it but I know I got a whole lot out of it. Perhaps you think such incidents as "Bobs getting chewed up" and you & the rest getting up theatre parties etc. - aren't interesting but if you do you want to change your mind toute suite. You ought to see some of Ine's letters. I sometimes can't help laughing out when I am reading them & I guess the other fellows think there's a nut loose in the top story. But she puts in some of the funniest pieces - how dad winds up the grafinola for instance or how mad mother gets because she can't get one of the sitting hens to stay on the nest. There's not much news to that exactly but it's amusing just the same as well as interesting.

Perhaps you'd like to have a little such news yourself. Well the -th Batt is putting on a open air concert just outside and the band has just started up a peach of a waltz - makes me think of the dances they used to put on in the hall.

Our fine weather still continues - just think! Nearly 5 weeks of it without a break except for one shower. France is not half bad after all. If it weren't for the wrecked towns & rumble of the guns a fellow could almost imagine himself in dear old Canada. You see the cars flying around here too - Fords not excepted. There are any amount of them too.

How did the St. George's supper come off? I suppose you would have a great time out there. Hope so anyway. And the social evening to - as you say I suppose it would be about the same as usual. I was certainly tickled to hear that some of the guys who went to the U.S. are getting what is coming to them. It will be one on Ben Sommers (you'll remember him). He left the U of T. & went to some university on the other side of fear they would put him in the O.T.C. at Toronto. I heard that at any rate on pretty good authority. But just the same I think if a fellow is that bad he's better where he is any way.

I rec'd another letter from Lawrence tonight. He is getting on fine & is out of bed although he won't be able to walk for a long time. He says two of the boys with only one leg each wheel him around the hospital grounds & they have a great time - running into other people most of the time.

Well, here's wishing you good luck once more on June 7th. Many thanks for all your good wishes - we'll do the best we can.

As ever
Yours -