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Date: June 13th 1917
George Leslie

June 13// [1917]

Dear Cath:
Just a few lines tonight to let you know that I got your two letters dated May 6th & 15th respectively.

Hope you'll understand why it is I'm not writing you more regularly. We're on the go most of the time now & the work isn't exactly a joke but as long as we're winning we should worry. I don't want you to think that your letters are not appreciated though for they're just a "bit of heaven" out here. We look forward to Sunday (that's when the Can. mail usually arrives) just as we used to look forward to summer holidays at Exam time. It's the big day of the week for the troops. Besides your two letters I also rec'd the fudge. Believe me, it was swell and the rest of the boys said the same thing. Many thanks for sending it.

I haven't seen Jim lately but am going out to look for him tomorrow if all goes well. I knew that Bob was in hospital - Jim told me that last time I saw him. Haven't heard from Lawrence lately but I guess he is waiting for a line from me. Harry B. had a letter from Joe Sheldon just lately saying they expect to be over here soon. I will be mighty glad to see the boys (though I never did have much use for Joe) for a lot of my chums have been getting it lately, some killed & some wounded. Jack Matthews & J.C. Murray are both in hospital. Of the fellows I signed up with there are not many left now. A fellow misses them too after having been with them for so long.

I was surprised to hear that the weather at home is so unfavorable. It couldn't be finer here - just what a farmer would wish for. We had a thunderstorm Friday night but next day the sun was out bright as ever. The crops should be doing fine.

Am glad to hear that Scotty has his two parts at last - Mickle also (or did you say he was going to write?) He told me in a letter some time ago that he intended to get it by going on the farm if he could get a job.

Well au revoir. If I don't soon stop I'll get no sleep tonight & by the way I feel I guess a letter won't hurt me. Regards to all.

As ever -