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Date: June 20th 1917
George Leslie

June 20/17

Dear Cath:

I wrote you a few days go but I guess it wasn't much of a letter, so seeing as how I got yours of May 17 tonight, I'll just run off a few lines again before rolling in.

I must say you are getting to be a regular little hustler - 14 cwt. of hay is a pretty big proposition for a girl to tackle. I don't wonder that your muscles are rather sore. I'll bet your dad was a surprised man when you got the job done. There seems to be quite a scarcity of men in Canada now & dad says the road is very short of hands and the traffic is pretty heavy. Guess the farmers are up against it fair this year. I hope the weather has become more favorable.

Yes, I see by the papers that conscription has been passed. Seems too bad but I guess it's the only way to get the men. The fellows don't seem to realize that there is a war on. I'm not at all sorry I signed up when I did, and you may lay to that.

Suppose your exams will be all over by the time you get this journal. I can imagine what a load will be lifted from your mind. Well here's wishing you all success. You mustn't forget to give me the results as soon as they come out.

Did I thank you for the box of fudge? I got it last time we were in the line and it was swell. I also got the "Standards" last week. Thanks very much - I certainly enjoy reading them and the illustrated section is fine.

I was out to see Jim the other night but was disappointed. After walking for a good hour I found his unit but no one knew Jim & I had to come away without seeing him. I think he was up with the batteries at the time.

I'm not going to post this till tomorrow for the simple reason that I had my "pitcher tookin" today & will have the prints tomorrow. If they are at all respectable I'm going to send you one. Am feeling fine. Hope you are all well.

As ever

June 22

Awfully sorry Cath. but the pictures were a fizzle. Will try again first chance I get.