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Date: July 18th 1917
George Leslie

July 18/17

Dear Cath:
I rec'd your last letter a few days ago & should have answered sooner but you see I expected another last Sat. & decided to wait till it came before writing. However this week's mail hasn't turned up so I guess I will get busy for it may be some time before I can get at it again.

Merci beaucoup for the papers - I got two since writing you last. I sure do enjoy reading the Standard and the illustrated section beats that of any weekly I've ever seen.

So Margaret is home at last eh. She certainly did arrive at the wrong time though - she should have waited till after you had finished your exams. It's pretty hard lines to come home for a couple of months holiday and have to start right in washing dishes. I expect she will be getting ready to go back to school again when you get this. Where is she going to teach? And I suppose you will be off to Toronto this fall. Well don't forget to send me your address [and?] you perhaps remember the addresses your mother sent me last winter - addresses of some of your people in England. Would you send me them again? You see I'm beginning to look forward to a trip back to Blighty and would be glad to look them up. I carried the addresses with me for quite a long time but burnt them with a bunch of letters before going over to visit Fritz one night. Awful nuisance, those Heinies, aren't they - more bother than they're worth.

Yes, if what you say is correct (and I don't doubt your word a bit) Dorothy Weir must be some talker. However that's just the kind of people I like to meet so don't forget your offer. Try & arrange for an introduction at our next St. Andrews supper. How will that be?

I think Lawrence is getting along O.K. although I haven't heard from him for over a month. He is not in London - Hastings is where he wrote from last. Before going there he was in Leicester.

I saw Jim last week. He is looking great. We only had a few minutes together though. It's no wonder I couldn't find him last time I went to look for him for he was up the line with one of the batteries. He is working on a gun now & likes it much better than his old job of hauling ammunition.

I had a letter from Harry B. the other day & he says he has a soft job now as an instructor at a training school. He's pretty lucky all right.

Well don't you think this epistle is getting pretty lengthy? - 5 pages are about my limit. Give to Margs my best regards and remember be to the rest of the family as well.

As ever