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Date: July 27th 1917
George Leslie

July 27 [1917]

Dear Cath:
I guess it is just about a year now since I was home on 4-days pass but it seems hard to realize that it is that long. Of course there are days when time drags but on the whole it goes pretty fast.

I see that Violet Pangburn is home for the summer. Suppose you see her now & then: I was wondering if she had changed any since going west - there was room for improvement don't you think?

I haven't seen any more of the R- boys over here yet but they will likely be around before long. Had another note from Bobier last week and he seems to be improving slowly. He is still on crutches though & I guess his fighting days are over. I wouldn't be surprised if he made Canada one of these fine days. I hear quite a few casualties are being sent back. Well good luck to him - he's done his bit and I guess he had a pretty rough time of it too.

Well really Cath I must close now or I won't have any "news" for next time. I know I haven't been writing very regularly lately but I'll drop you another line as soon as possible. Am keeping O.K. I hope everyone up your way is well too.

As ever