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Date: August 27th 1917
George Leslie

Aug. 27 [1917]

Dear Cath:
Here I've been waiting & waiting for some Canadian mail & still there's no sign of any. I thought sure it would show up tonight but no such luck. I wonder if those sausage eaters have been busy with their subs again - somebody will settle for it if they have.

We are enjoying a few days rest just now & you can bet we aren't exactly sorry for we have had a pretty busy time lately. If you don't believe me ask Fritz - I guess he's been a whole lot busier. However he hasn't got me yet although I didn't get away without a scratch. Had my left hand tied up for a few days with a slight shrapnel wound but it hasn't bothered me much so I am still on the job. I haven't seen either Jim or Harry B. for some time & wonder how they are getting along.

So you got your 1st O.K. - Congratulations. Mac certainly will be delighted. Is he going to stick it for another year?

I'm glad to hear that Mr. Billings Jr. had to give up his position in Detroit. Nice way to talk eh? - but we should never be afraid to speak the truth you know. Rather tough luck for Binks too for I guess he had a pretty good position there. By the way, has he married Marie Steer yet? I heard some time ago that they were engaged.

Please excuse the use of both sides of the paper but my supply is almost Na Poo.

You likely remember telling me of a lad in the Borderers who used to work for your father. I've forgotten his name now but some of the battalion are here and I was wondering if by any chance he might be among them. Can you give me his original address? You know I'm always glad to run across anyone from our part of the country. I haven't met anyone that I know so far.

So Bob MacLaren is on his feet again. That's good news. I suppose he intends to stay with the F.C. I often think I'd like to be there myself but it must take a powerful amount of nerve. We see some marvellous feats performed by our airmen over here. It's simply wonderful the way some of them handle their machines.

Well seeing that I haven't any more to write about I guess the most sensible thing I can do is stop. Hope you are all enjoying the best health.