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Date: February 13th 1940

February 15, 1940

Dear Dad,

I got Mom's letter saying you went into hospital so I'm writing you a line to sort of cheer you up and let you know I'm well and happy. I don't know whether Mom will send my letter on to you. I hope she does for in them I've described our inspection by the king and by Princess Patricia. The latter was a big-do and we all got a big supper and all the beer we could drink after it. Some of the boys got feeling quite happy and they "sorta mussed up our barrack-room" It looked like a small tornado had struck it.

I've got a new job now. I'm a waiter in the officer's mess. I've got about five hours off every day, no parades at all, swell food, $10 a month extra, every 4 days a 1/2 day off, and a 2 day leave every fortnight, so I'm in clover. I heard on pretty good authority that all those under 21 years of age would be left behind for further training. Think of that: 2 solid years of trench-digging, parade square, etc. I said "nuts" to that so when this chance came for the other job, I took it. I skipped parade this afternoon (and everyone should have been on it) and have spent the afternoon writing letters and keeping a wary eye peeled for stray sergeant-majors. SMs don't seem to have any sense of humour. Somehow or other they were missed when God was handing out that particular stuff. Our SM is particular is an old, tough, weather-beaten, cross-grained codger with a temper like Mr. Cox's only ten times worse if that's possible. He been particularly grouchy the last few days so I've been watching for him - ready to dodge out of his way.

It's payday in camp today. I got 2 pounds - 1and feel like a millionaire. After I'm through tonight, I'll probably go into Aldershot to see if I can find a jeweler to make Mom's brooch for her birthday present

Well cheerio Dad. I hope your better soon

Love your son,