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Date: March 25th 1918
George Leslie

Mar. 25 [1918]

Dear Cath:

I'm afraid I haven't so much news after all but seeing as how I promised to write as soon as I got the photos why - here goes.

We've had our kilts issued since I wrote last so there's a bit of news to start with. The weather has been so lovely lately, I s'pose they decided to issue them earlier this year, but today proud as I am of my skirt, I think I'd just as soon be wearing a pair of troosers for the wind is pretty chilly and not any too comfortable for bare knees believe me.

Just think! next Sunday is Easter (Bonnet) Sunday! How time does fly! Just two years ago Mick and Cliff and yours truly stood in front of Bawdens store watching the stream of girls as they passed up & down the main drag sporting their new lids. And it seems like yesterday. What silly creatures boys are, eh what? I'm expecting a letter from Maud any day now. She hasn't written for quite a while now the little scamp but if I don't get a six-page article describing her new straw hat I'll begin to think there's something seriously wrong.

And I have an idea it's nearly time I was having a new lid myself. As you will notice the other one I've been wearing for the last year or so is all out of shape & I can't keep in from hanging half way down the side of my face. That balmoral together with that "artistic post" of mine makes me look more like of one those rough riders you read about than a respectable member of his majesty's forces. However that picture was taken just after leaving the front line at the end of a rather rough trip so it is really quite natural. That "tough guy" stuff, you know, goes a long way in scaring Fritz & there's nothing like scaring a squarehead if you're going to get the best of him.

Suppose you'll be getting ready about now for a couple of weeks at home. Hope you have a fine time as if there were any danger that you won't!).

Few Hours Later 1100 P.M.

Just when I reached that point supper was announced (i.e., tea, bread & jam) and after "supper" a bunch of us decided to go to the Y.M. to hear the Royal Highlanders' (Montreal) concert party. They call themselves the Redheckles and certainly are good. We've just come in from the concert and I tho't I'd finish this before turning in for the night so as to get it off tomorrow morning. But it's getting pretty late and there'll probably be a working party up the line at daybreak so I'll ring off right now for as I've said before I need all the beauty sleep I can get. Good night and Happy dreams.

As ever
- Les

P.S. - Am also enclosing a snap which I ran across just before crossing the briny and have been carrying around with the rest of my snaps ever since. Remember when it was taken? It ought to be a bit of a souvenir some day for it's been over the top with me twice and seen a good deal of excitement since it left home. I don't know when it was taken myself but I guess it was some time ago eh what?