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Date: April 23rd 1941

April 23rd, 1941

Dear Mom,

First letter from you for nearly three weeks arrived yesterday. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to it. I got ten letters altogether and three English letter at the same time. One was from my friend Mrs. Sayers and the other was from Kim - my friend the nurse. I was up to London on Thursday night after the huge blitz on Wednesday: Apr. 16 ‘41. I went around to see Kim but she wasn't home so I went out with Renee her nursing sister. We had a swell time together. Went for a walk down the West End to the Marble Arch Regal Cinema. After the show we had supper together and then home. I had an awful time getting home because the blitz had severely disrupted the transportation system. I had to stay in town overnight and go back the next morning. However I got back in time so all is okay. Renee is very nice girl; well not exactly a girl, she is 26 but is very much quieter than Kim. Kim is so full of life and fun - literally bubbling over with laughter. She is so much fun and I enjoy her company immensely. They are rather pretty but of the two, I think Renee is prettier. They both speak very frankly on all manner of subjects. They have both travelled a lot and read a lot and consequently can talk intelligently on a diversity of subjects.

I had a very nice letter from Mrs. Sayers today. She has more or less appointed herself foster mother to me as it were. By the way she pays a very high compliment to you; I'll repeat it to you so you can see for yourself. Just a we are. "Your little mother surely made a wonderful job of you, and you in turn have added to the good work." Now wasn't that a nice compliment to you? I think so anyway. I hope to be able to see them all this Sunday. I haven't seen them for nearly a month now even though I have been to London several times. I seem to have so many friends now that I find it nearly impossible to visit them all at once. Last Sunday I was invited up to London by Winnie (Mrs. Barnard's niece) and Pat (her nephew's fiance). I think I have told you about them before. We had a swell time together. I like them too, very much: especially Pat. She is only 18 but she acts, talks and looks much older. She is very beautiful but as well as beauty she posesses brains, which is a very unusual duet I have found. Her father is a Czechoslovakian but he was born and educated in England and so was Pat, so there is absolutely no trace of it to be found anywhere. Right now Pat is feeling very ‘blue' because Will (Winnie's brother and Pat's fiance) has just been drafted to Singapore and he couldn't get leave to see her. But I think Win and I - between us, managed to cheer her up a little. I hope so anyway. Winnie is very tall - as tall as Pat is short, and very funny they look together! She also is rather pretty but unlike Pat, hasn't got as many brains with it. However, I still like to go out with them for they are good fun - and better still, insist upon paying their share of everything. But then they are both working and earning far more money than I - so why shouldn't they?

I am afraid that you will begin to think from my letters that I am developing into a Lathario or Don Juan: but I don't this so. I have learned my lesson and do not mean to get bitten again soon - if I can help it. So I believe that there is safety in numbers, consequently the present conditions. And anyway, I find that it is impossible or maybe I should say ‘possible' to enjoy an evening far more when I am out with one of them than when I am alone. I have only got one really close boy friend and that is Jean Louis - Mrs. Sayer's son. He and I get along like twin-brothers. We really enjoy going out together and do so whenever we get the chance. By the way, I owe him a lunch...I mustn't forget that. We talk about everything under the sun from stars and music to bolts and screws but principally about music: we are both passionately fond of music. By the way, Mrs. Emily Sayer's address: 153 "The Grampians", Western Gate, London W

She is a rather wonderful woman in her way. She is immensely interesting to talk to because she has travelled so much and seen so much. She is past middle age now but still looks a young woman, so well does she carry herself and her age. She has many friends all over the world but I am sure she should welcome a letter from you if you should care to write.

I am enclosing a rather interesting article that I ran across the other day. It made me think for quite a while as doubtless it will you too.

I have written some more poetry which I will endeavour to send later on. But it is such a long job copying it all out that I sometimes long for a typewriter. I quite understand about the parcels and I think it is rather wonderful that you manage as many as you do. By the way, how are you making out? You don't mention anything about money in any of your letters and I am wondering.

Well I suppose that is all for now. I had a wisdom tooth out last Monday. There was not room for it in my jaw so the Dentist thought it had better come out...hurt a bit but it's better now.

Cheerio and write soon,