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Date: October 20th 1941
Aunt Minnie

Toronto, Ontario
Oct. 20, /41

Dear Marjorie,

I am writing this under difficulties. I took a bad cold early in Sept. and before it was better, took another which seemed to hang on and then ended up by neuritis settling in all over me. My arms were almost useless and are very sore and weak now. Now it is in my legs and I hope it will leave me now. I am getting a box ready for Jim; fortunately I got two pairs of socks knitted before my arms got so weak. I am hoping I will be able to get out by the end of the week so as to get it off for Christmas. Auntie Chris knitted him a turtle-neck tuck-in to put in the box. Uncle Will is sending you this post-office order for $10.00 to spend on Jim for Christmas; he thought you would know what to get for him and hope it will get something he needs. I feel we can't do too much for them. Things look very bad at the present time, but it is always darker before the dawn. I wish the Japs could be wiped out; they are a very dangerous people. I hope the next letter I write you will be better. My arms are very tired so will have to stop. Hope you are all well.

Love to all,

Aunt Minnie