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Date: September 6th 1942

Sunday, Sept. 6th, 1942

Dear Mom,

Well there is a few moments left before church parade and I have just finished shining all my brass and my boots till I can see my face in them (and if you have ever tried to put a mirror glass on a pair of boots you'll know how hard that is) so I'll sit down and write the weekly letter home. There is not much to talk about I am afraid. I am working as hard as ever, am happy and healthy. I wrote my progress exams last week and surprised myself by getting a mark of 82% in Navigation. I thought sure when I handed my paper in that I had failed, but evidently I hadn't. It wasn't the best mark in the class by any means, but I don't want the best mark because it is nearly a cinch that the man with the best mark in Navigation becomes a Navigator and I have my heart set on being a Pilot. So I am out for a top-ranking average of marks rather than a top-notch in any one subject. I already have written my final Anti-Gas Exam and got 83% so that should help the old average quite a bit. Morse has me a bit frightened though, I will admit that.

Did I tell you that I had transferred form the Pats at the same time as a boy I have known for over 2 years? We are here together, his name is Gordon King, he's about 25 and rather nice. We go around together quite a lot. It makes it very nice that we two have been able to get along together, although all the boys here are pretty fine. Of course they should be, because they are the cream of the Canadian Army as far as brains and physique goes. I didn't tell you, but that Selection Board was pretty stiff and for everyone that got through, there were three that failed. So you see we are a rather uncommon lot. But I seem to be able to make friends much easier with this bunch than with any others I have been with, and it is so much easier. We usually stay in working all week and then go out on Saturday nights and Sunday. Every Saturday night 10 Wing (my Wing) puts on a dance so of course, we all go and have a swell time. Met a girl named Susan Griffiths from Sheffield who is here on holidays. She has lived nearly all over the world: in Malta, Gibralter, Alexandria, Cyprus, Marseilles, Alden and several other places. Her father was an Army Officer - Colonel or something, and was stationed at all these places. She was very interesting to talk to, very jolly and very, very pretty. I have heard nothing but comments from all the boys this morning, envious and well - surprised I guess. But such is life, what is my good luck is some one else's misfortune.

I have not had a letter from you for sometime now. My mail seems to have got lost again for I got one letter that had been nearly all over England before it got here. So I guess yours are hung up somewhere. There doesn's seem to be much more to say and I hate trying to write when I have nothing to say, so I will close now. I expect to be going swimming this afternoon even though the weather has been cloudy all week and I expect the water will be rather chilly. But the sun is shining finely and the sand will be lovely and warm. Or I might go up to Peasholm Park where they have a beautiful heated salt water outdoor swimming with a sun-roof. I'll probably go there. Hope all at home are well. I have been to church every Sunday for the past 2 months. I rather enjoy it.
Love to all,