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Date: April 24th 1941

3457 W.35.
Vancouver B.C.
Apr 24, 1941

Dear Newton,

Believe it or not I got a new bicycle, $42.50 a blue Rambler with white trimming with sqare double bar, with a bell and light. I had to ride up to the city hall to get my license, and also up to Stanly Park twice and had a swell time.

Yesterday the peddle came of when I was riding, a boy said I would have to get a screw driver and fix it, but just as I was riding up the hill he peddle came of and also a few threads, mother is going to phone up Bay where I got it from and their going to fix it. Anyway that should not happen to a bran new bike.

You should see the new plans for our house, there super [?], (its in other words). Louise hurt her finger nail on a folding chair and made it black and blue, she was crying for an hour.

Well lots of Love

P.S. Aunt Zelda gave me the bike.