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Date: June 10th 1943
Father (Ern)


June 10th,1943.

Dear Dad:

I am very sorry that I have not been writing regular. I received your letter today saying you had sent a parcel. I am still waiting but I suppose it will be here soon. You told me to write about various things. I will as best I can.

I am feeling fine. I just hope that I will remain so. I cannot tell you my experience in my training because I have been through my training for some time. I have had a great number though. I am with a very good crew of boys, all of us are just Sgts. The pilot is 32 yrs. But the rest of us are all young. We are flying in one of the biggest bombers in the world. It is some experience, but I would just as soon be on the ground. I don't think as much of air crew as I want to. I can't tell you what I have seen because it would just be cut out of the letter.

I know a very charming girl in the Midlands. I receive more letters from her than I do from my best girl at home. That isn't very good, is it. Tell Howard when he is through his training to remain as an instructor if at all possible. I am with the most prominent squadron. It is the M.G.M. Lion Squadron (Metro Goldwyn Meyer). You will probably see pictures at the movies of the same place I am at, in News Reels or in Motion picture form, so look out for them. I am not going to write to Mary or mother just yet. Maybe in a couple of days. Is my pay coming home all right? Tell me how much I have. I have lost my pen. So if you can pick up a good one, please send it over. I must close now. I will try and write once a week.

Give my love to all.

x x