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Date: June 13th 1943
Father (Ern)


June 13, 1943

Dear Dad:

I received another air mail letter yesterday from you. I am glad to know I have parcel coming. You also asked if I would care for anything. Well, socks or shirts are always welcome. You see we cannot buy any clothes without coupons. It is very bad over here. The lad that sleeps in the next room to me has got one No.109 to his credit last night . I was just speaking to him in the washroom. He is French and comes from Montreal. I am flying in the latest Halifax bomber, the best bomber in the world. I still wish I were home. I have a plan to put to Ruth if she will go back to school in September. I will give Ruth £1 for every subject she gets A+ in and £2 for every subject she gets H in, but she will receive no cash if she does not make A in any subject. Now if she takes 7 subjects, this will mean she will receive (providing she has A or above in all subjects) 7 lbs or more every other month. 7£ x $4.50 = $31.50 or more / 2 = $15.00 a month. Now Ruth can make $l5.00 a month going to school and getting an education, this will pay. This is as much as she would make working out, and she can do work after school.

You see I receive 5£ 10s. fortnightly but have nothing to spend it on other than mess bills and loan money as a matter of fact I have £10 cashed in a sly pocket. By the way how is my cash at home? How much have I?

Well I must close now. I will write soon and on my next leave I hope to visit the Hansells. Don't forget to tell Ruth what I said, and tell Mary I will write soon. I should get a girl over here but I'm out of the way on a squadron. I write to one over here.

Well give my love to all.

B & B.
x x