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Date: August 1st 1943
Mother (Hilda)

August 1, 1943

Dear Ma:

I suppose I should have written sooner. I feel more or less ashamed. I first want to thank you for the parcels which you sent me. They were very nice. I don't actually know how to thank you. You see parcels like that are just like Xmas gifts. You can't get those things over here.

This is one thing I would like you to do and that is send some smokes. The English smokes are just coffin nails. You can get cigarettes much cheaper if you sent to the company. The cookies you sent were crumbs when they arrived. But the crumbs were fine. I'd like you to send one can of Emons Marmalade to Grandma. I believe they would like that. I told them all about Emons and so I wrote to Dad the other day and was going to write to you yesterday but I was flying. Thanks a lot for what you donated to the Y.P. parcel, it was swell.

Tell me more of Howard's training. And I would like Les Warden's and Al Smith's address also Howard's as soon as possible.

Before I left I told Howard there was nothing like air crew. But I'm afraid I was over estimating. If possible Howard should remain as an instructor. After the war if I see another aircraft it will be too darn soon. I don't believe I was cut out to be a flyer. I have had a great deal of experience being over here.

I hope everything is OK at home. Tell me more of the Bunkies. I'd like them brought up better than Ruth and I were. I don't like the idea of Ruth's quitting school.

I sure wish I were home. I guess Dad will be in the garden soon clearing weeds. I'll bet the place will sure look swell. I'd give anything to be home now, but there's no sense thinking about it.

I guess I must close now time to eat. It'll probably be the same old thing, potatoes and sausages. The sausages have no meat in them, mostly bread, sawdust and I'm not fooling. We have spuds three times a day. Well give my love to all. Hope you are all OK.

Love Harry

B & B