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Date: August 8th 1943
Father (Ern)

August 7, 1943

Dear Dad:

I received your parcel today as well as mom's. It was sure swell but I am still writing with a straight pen. I can always say that my father sure uses his head. I know the boys receive a lot of parcels but not quite as good as that. I am glad you sent that paper. I think you like to boast a little by underlining everything in red pencil. I like you to send me things like that. The candy you put in more or less to fill up, well it was kind of glued to the other things.

August 8, 1943

Well I have just been air-to-sea firing, nothing of any importance, more or less a little practice. I understand today I might get a weeks leave sooner than I expected. By the way, Grandma I'm sure would like to hear a little more from you and Uncle Bert. Uncle Bert writes about once in a month. That's not very good. You might send some Gillette razor blades for Grandpa. I seem to have plenty but he likes those, any blade will do me. A little of Emon's would also be OK for Grandma. I don't believe you told her about that.

Well I will write soon. Give my love to all.


Love Harry

B & B