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Date: August 7th 1943
Mother (Hilda)

August 7, 1943

Dear Ma:

Well here I am writing again. I would like to thank you for the sweater you sent. I don't believe you could have sent anything more handier. I can use it for various things. Now today it's raining and pretty chilly. The climate changes a great deal here. I can also wear it under my new flying suit, so that I will always have it wherever I am. We have an entirely new flying equipment to that I had at home.

Things are fine over here, all's going well. I hope to be home by this time next year. I will get another weeks leave in 14 days. I always go to Grandmas on leave. I always take things to them when I go. I bought Grandpa a box of cigars the first leave. I suppose they'll last him for a long while. Thanks for the donation you put in the Y.P.'s parcels. I share a lot with the crew. I am with a fine lot of lads. I'm sure things will come out OK. Give my love to all and Mary. I hope the Bunkies are all fine.

Love Harry

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